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List of 10 Least Polluted Cities In India

Least Polluted Cities In India: When people were able to see far away mountains and buildings during the covid-19 lockdown which were not visible prior to the lockdown, we all understood the extent of pollution we have produced on our planet earth. This is a warning from nature that we need to stop for a while and look out for ways in which we can rejuvenate our environment. Amidst this polluted air, there still are various places that are comparatively clean. So today we have brought the List of 10 Least Polluted Cities in India.

You can plan your next trip to these cities. They are beautiful and the clean air will make your lungs smile. But remember, there are small things we can do to make sure that these serene places are not destroyed by us humans like the rest of the popular tourist places. First of all, do not litter. Carry your garbage with yourself until you find a dustbin. Secondly, try to use public transport as much as possible. They are cheap, fun, and less polluting when compared to if everyone will drive their own vehicle.

So here is the list of 10 Least Polluted Cities of India to help you plan your next refreshing vacation:

10 Least Polluted Cities In India

1. Hassan

Least Polluted Cities In India (1)
Hassan (Karnataka)
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Hassan city is located in the state of Karnataka and comes first in the list of top 10 least polluted cities in India. The city got its name after Hasanamba Temple and located 980 meters above sea level. The city is in general known as the ‘poor man’s Ooty’ and in fact, it is a dream place for every single man. Every single place of Hassan is a paradise. What attracts most is the nature and calmness in the air that can make anyone fall in love with this city. Its AQI is around 30.

2. Tezpur

Least Polluted Cities In India
Tezpur (Assam)

Tezpur is located in the state of Assam in the eastern region of India. It is located right on the banks of the river Brahmaputra and every morning is like heaven here. The city has the least air pollution and with so many trees and freshwater, the environment becomes more pleasant to reside there. It is the 5th largest city of Assam and one of the oldest cities in the state. The city has a PM of 2.5 with an air quality index of 50.

3. Pathanamthitta

Least Polluted Cities In India
Pathanamthitta (Kerala)

Pathanamthitta is located in the state of Kerala. The state itself has a reputation of being the least polluted one and therefore its city definitely deserves one. The city is surrounded by ample forest and many water bodies that help in keeping things less polluted. The air quality in the city is good with a figure of 38 AQI and PM2.5 as a pollutant matter. Apart from the air, the water and noise pollution is also very less to provide a peaceful and pleasant day and night.

4. Kochi

Least Polluted Cities In India

Not just one but 2 cities rule the list of least polluted cities in India from the state of Kerala. It is a portal city but apart from this, it has maintained its cleanliness and pollution levels very less. The city enjoys the surrounding natural beauties all covered by greenery and water. The AQI of Kochi is 20 which is good for every individual to breathe and live healthily. The city maintains its roads and other transport locations neat and tidy.

5. Kollam

Least Polluted Cities In India
Kollam (Credit Images)
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Kollam is located in the state of Kerala with being the 5th least polluted city in the country. The whole city is covered under the curtains of coconut trees with small water bodies covering its land. Its air quality index is moderate and healthy for old people. The city is located near the water bed. This city is unmarred with the evils of pollution. AQI ranges between 45-50.

6. Puducherry

Least Polluted Cities In India

The city is a union territory located in the southern parts of the nation. It was one of the cities formed due to the colonization of the French people. The city resembles the beauty of French taste and its less air pollution makes it more mesmerizing to visit. The air quality of Puducherry is moderate with a number of 60 in comparison to other cities. The reason behind the less air and water pollution is because of the efforts of the local people in exaggerating over the cleanliness and the need for the low level of pollution to live a healthy life.

7. Madurai

Least Polluted Cities In India

The southern city known for its amazing temples, Madurai is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the ancient cities in the country and also one of the least polluted cities in the country. It is located right on the Vaigai River and has 14 colorful towers around the city. The city air quality index is low around 50(AQI). The reason behind this is the presence of ample trees and water to eliminate the pollution. The district municipal tries every step in maintaining less air pollution and duly passes an order for such things. Since there isn’t any big industrial setup, the city air pollution level and carbon content level are maintained.

8. Alappuzha

Least Polluted Cities In India
Alappuzha (Credit Image)

Alappuzha is located in the state of Kerala. The city is situated right over sea named the Laccadive Sea. The city connects various tranquil canals and lagoons. The city scrounging for the best air quality in the country so far. The temperature and the pollution level are all perfect for an individual. The Air Quality Index of the city is 42 which is good for every type of individual with PM2.5 major pollutant. The surroundings near the sea and the lush green is perfect.

9. Shillong

Least Polluted Cities In India
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A beautiful city surrounded by mountains with water flowing through falls and making the environment pure is none other than Shillong. This city has the most pleasant and calming views. The Air Quality Index of Shillong is moderately maintaining a range of 60-65 and healthy for people suffering from breathing issues. The city lies in the state of Meghalaya and due to its less air pollution it is widely visited by people. There are many water reservoirs and greenery that helps in reducing harmful gases from the air and making it pure to breathe.

10. Kinnaur

Least Polluted Cities In India

Kinnaur is a city located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the least polluted cities in the country. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains that give it the proper environment to flourish. The air quality index lies somewhere 65-70. This level is healthy for an individual and also the cleanliness inside the city is good. This is the city with the lowest pollution in the state.


In this world full of pollution, we all keep searching for low pollution cities, but none of us tries to make our own cities pollution-free. So let us join hands and promise ourselves that we will do whatever we can to save our environment and planet. Have a great day ahead.

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