10 Most illogical Indian Stereotypes

Being brought up in an Indian culture is as beautiful as it is challenging. But the teenage phase comes with the piled up questions and instructions, most of which are barely logical. Down here we have five double standards Indian Stereotypes faced by both the s*x (Five for each cause we don’t believe in gender discrimination *wink *wink).

And every time the girls are like, “Okay, But why?”

1. Feeling for s*x?

It’s totally, biologically and quite illogically all-natural only for our men. But, it puts a huge mark of “character in question” to our women, ironically both are fucking human.

This seriously is out of anyone’s understanding that from where this muddiness actually began but in India you will see 99% of guys checking out at every girl walking on the street however when the opposite sex does the same thing you can’t even imagine how bizarrely difficult situations she might have to face.

2. Guess girl’s skin has some sex stimulating tissues.

Now this one is pretty weird, its so rooted down here in Indian society that a girl has to naturally think somewhat like a million times to wear just a short pant that too in her own house, among her own family members. However the males, ironically walk around like half naked zombies and surprisingly no one looks at them with their sceptical eyes.


3. The clock ticks PM 8, and it’s already too late.

Look its actually simple and i would rather won’t blame much to the society or i would say they are all playing a merry-go-round cause see, the reason they don’t allow their girls on most occasions to stay late outside is either because of their safety or the well-concerned character issue. But understand this, the safety can be solved if the pervert sons will be taught up well that a girl on the streets at night are no prostitutes stop looking at them that way.

4. Shouting out loud in public, that’s a male thing.

To be true on that, it’s because since last few hundred years the males of Indian society has tried to convey their dominance over the females in every possible manner thus when a girl yells, that’s simply like putting up their voice, which is complete sin for women in India (Don’t tell anyone *wink).

5. Ohh! She doesn’t cook? Something’s wrong with her.

Women cook awesome food, but that’s not some authentication of their sex. Grow up folks.


Men too have to go through few of them…..

6. The hairs have always been some trait for “just girly things”.

Yeah! Seriously that happens here. Wry is that, it happens in a country where the most followed male embodiment of the God, Shiva has long hairs. Such double standards i tell you.

7. Crying?? WTF!! Cause real men don’t do that.

It’s so complicated here because humans are distinguished on just the basis of their physical presentation alone. And men here are meant to protect women, wipe off the women’s tears so in that scenario how come man is supposed to cry tell me? I guess this one is fine no? :-\

8. Yelling at girls in public is a sin. (But privately we are proud masculine molesters.

To mention this upfront,we are referring here to the public places. However, whether or not you are on the right side of the argumentation raising your pitch to a single decibel is wrong as for that we have these bunch of profound dissimulator who would come to prove you wrong for pitching up your voice.

9. Men better offer the seat, cause for no reason girls need it more.

And it irritates so much, imagine you are all tired after working getting back from work in a bus or metro and a lady comes to you asking for a seat that for Indian men is a huge dilemma, choosing between the comfort and the social acceptance for women concern.

10. Men don’t wear “Frock”…huh!! We can…..LOL 😀 😀

It’s sure for fun if some intellectuals didn’t get it. 😉

And along this, there are hundreds of other conventional ideologies, nothing of which has any rational perspective. Fools are we, who are following it all. #RebelForACause 😀 😉


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