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Home Facts Single Emergency number 112 launched by Indian Government

Single Emergency number 112 launched by Indian Government

With the fastest growing technology, one can connect to the world with ease. Fastest growing not only makes our work convenient but also leads to dangerous, life-threatening events. A minor short circuit of electronics appliances can be caused to burn the entire house down.

Single Emergency number in India 112

The One India One Helpline number (112), an emergency helpline service initiated by the Indian Home Ministry – can be dialed during the emergencies of Fire Emergency, Medical Emergency, Road Accident, Earthquake, Flood and Wildfire.

To combat such issues and let our citizens be safe in the hands of the law, the Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh recently launched an emergency helpline number, namely One India One Helpline, in order to help citizens out of any life-threatening situation.

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The number is 112 and is toll-free, which states that the call wouldn’t cost us a penny.

How to generate a panic call?

  1. If you are a Smartphone user, just press the power button of your phone thrice as quickly as possible. This, in return, activates a panic call to Emergency Response Centre.
  2. Now, if you aren’t a Smartphone user, long-press ‘5’ or ‘9’ to initiate a panic call to the Emergency Response Centre.

There’s also an added benefit to the Smartphone users.

Emergency complaints online

They can either register a complaint online by logging to Emergency Response Support System website or simply click the SHOUT feature on the app. This feature is specifically designed to help children and women.

Reading the above-mentioned points, the question – What would be the response time? Must have started knocking your time. Well, I too have an answer for that.

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The maximum response time, as per the Govt. plans, is 10 to 12 minutes after the call is made. The government further aims to reduce this duration to 8 minutes within 6 months of implementation.

Well, taking the advantage up, if your notorious mind thinks of dialing a prank call. Please do not. As this may put you behind the bars under criminal charges.

For now, Emergency Response Support System has only been implemented in 16 states and Union Territories. They are Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, Andaman, Dadar, and Nagar Haveli, Daman, and Diu. However, it is expected that One India One Helpline will be operated soon in the remaining states.

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Features One India One Emergency Number 112

  • Single emergency response number across the country(Dial-112).
  • 24×7 Effective emergency response services for Citizens.
  • Citizens can request help through Voice Call, SOS, SMS, Email, Web Request, and Panic buttons.
  • Automatic location identification of the caller/victim.
  • Dynamic emergency response service from the nearest emergency response vehicle.
  • Service from Police, Fire, Medical, and Natural Disaster Management Teams.
  • Emergency service coordination from a centralized control center in State capital/UTs.
  • Improves decision making in an emergency situation which minimizes response time.
  • Live to track emergency response vehicles.
  • The totally ‘indigenous’ software solution developed by C-DAC.

When to use ERSS?

one india one emergency number

How to Download the Mobile Application 

This single emergency number 112 will work in India even if you don’t have a mobile network or balance for the call on your mobile phone.

Apart from implementing One India One Helpline number, the government is yet to launch ITSSO (Investigation Tracking System for Sexual Offences) Act. This would keep a record of offensive sexual acts and violence against women making the city a safe one.

Share this information on One India One Helpline number with your friends and family.

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