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14 Simple, Cheap and Elegant Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for cheap and simple Home Decor Ideas for your Home Styling? Then you are at the right place. Home is the place where there are people we love, where there are corners that are relieving, and where there are memories peeking from behind the curtains. Home is home, does not matter how much we enjoy roaming around on trips and at parties, but at the end of the day, we only need our corner, our home. Where there is comfort and peace. And that is why it becomes important that we decorate our house in a way that it gives the vibe we love. And to help you to transform your nest into a cozy one, we have brought these Easy Home Decor Ideas for comfy and cheap Home Decor.

Do you want to decorate your home yourself? Then transform your home into an Elegant Home with these Elegant Home Decor Ideas. Add these cheap Decor statement items to your home to make it easily a cozy home:

14 Simple, Cheap, and Elegant Home Decor Ideas

  • Wind chimes: this must be the easiest and cheapest element of a Home Decor item that can add amazing vibes to your home with its jingling sound. These are easily available at stores near your house or online, simply beautiful and elegant with no huge burden on your pockets.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Wind chimes

  • Dream Catchers: Dream catchers are believed to stop bad dreams of yours. We don’t know if they can actually do that, what we know is that they look amazingly elegant and classy and are easily available at affordable prices both online and offline.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Dream Catchers

  • Wall Hanging Tapestry: a wall tapestry is an intricate work of textile art, traditionally woven by hands on a loom. But guess what, with its increasing popularity and immense beauty, it is now easily available online. Or you can actually make one at home with tulle, ribbons, etc. It is fun to make and you can let your creativity flow with different textures and colors combination.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Wall Hanging Tapestry

  • Candles and Candle Holders: candles and candle holders have always been a mark of class. You can give your home an elegant look by bringing home scented candles, antique candle holders, etc. Candles create an aura with its flame that is impossible to resist.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Candle Holders

  • Photo-frames: if you are someone who loves to capture moments in their camera, then this one is for you. Find the best pictures, get them printed in the size you want, frame them, and display them on a wall in a pattern you love. Get inspiration from Pinterest if you want. Fill a whole wall into the reflection of your most enjoyed and beloved memories.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Photo-frames

  • Bamboo and Wooden Work: bamboo and wooden Decor is not only classy but also eco-friendly. So let us take care of our earth like we are taking care of our homes. Let us invest in eco-friendly Decor ideas made from bamboo, wood, fabric, metal, etc.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Bamboo and Wooden Work

  • Plants: let us choose a Decor that is not only good for us, our pets, our environment but also is great for our planet. Get ceramic, terracotta, or glass pots and put in your succulents, flowering plants, tropical plants in it. You can also lookup air plants that actually do not need any soil to grow in. So they are clean and low maintenance.


  • Antiques: rustic and antiques are the new classy and modern. You can either visit an antique store or shop online for your hidden gems. Look for pendulum clocks, old age lamps, rustic paintings, etc.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Antiques

  • Posters: posters can change the vibe of any place with just a few words or no words at all, with pictures. You can look up for really cool posters in the online market. There is at least one for every one of us. And maybe there are more than one for you. Plus they are cheap and with almost zero maintenance cost or work.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Posters

  • Chandeliers: if you feel chandeliers are cliché, then maybe you are right but, old is gold is also right. If you don’t want to invest in the basic glass and crystal chandelier, then Google rope and wooden chandelier. You would not regret it.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Chandeliers

  • Fairy lights: red fairy lights around pictures on a wall and in beer/vodka bottles is every millennial’s go-to room Decor idea. And can we agree that it is the best?

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Fairy lights

  • Liquor Bottles: have you ever noticed how classy vodka, beer, champagne, whisky, rum bottles are? No? Then start noticing. There are businesses that are running on turning liquor bottles into classy Decor pieces. You don’t necessarily have to buy them. Do it yourself. Put fairy lights in your bottles or use them as plant holders. Easy peasy.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Liquor Bottles

  • Cushions: cushions make every bed and sofa better. Even if you put a mattress on the floor, just add 2-3 cushions and it becomes a kickass space to hang out. Place soft cushions strategically around to make your room look like a therapy room.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Cushions

  • Carpet: carpets can add structure to your home floor. Not only they look rich but they are there for a practical reason. They protect your flooring from scratches and damages from heavy furniture. So invest in one to protect your pretty floor.

Cheap Home Decor Ideas Carpet

One tip from us is that remember your dorm days, their simplicity, and the vibes they gave. It was the best even with minimal decorations. Why, because it exactly reflected what you love. Because you could only afford limited things so you actually invested in what you actually loved. Do the same now. Less is more and less is also comfortable, cozy, beautiful, pretty, and classy.

These were our cheap and simple Home Decor Ideas. It is not too hard to decorate your home. Do it as you please as you go, because it is your home and nobody knows it better than you do. Give your taste and your personality to the place where you live the most of your life. have a great day ahead.

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