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5 Countries Of The World Where There Is No Sunset

5 Countries Of The Where There Is No Sunset: There are so many secrets hidden the beauty in this world. But we are going to tell you one of the secret beauty today. This sounds a little bit awkward to hear but this is surely true.

Just think, if you are told that there are 5 countries in this world where there is no sunset. So what would you say? Obviously, these things will surprise you. Norway, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, and Finland are the five countries in the world where you can enjoy the light at night. So come, we know today in detail about these countries with no sunset.

Which Country has no night only day?

Let us check 5 countries of the world where there is no sunset –

1. Norway 

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Norway Norway is a country surrounded by mountains and it comes in the Arctic Circle. In this country, the sun does not go down for about 76 days from May to July.

It is also called Land of the Midnight Sun. If you want to enjoy the light for a long time then you can take a trip to this country during this time.

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2. Finland


In Iceland, you can enjoy the sunlight even at midnight. This country, decorated with thousands of lakes and islands, this looks very beautiful and attractive.

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In the summer’s, for about 73 days i.e., from the end of May 10 to July, the sun shines its light. Finland is quite good in terms of walking around.

3. Canada

CanadaThe second-largest country in the world which is covered by snow for a long time. Even in Canada, the darkness of the night does not get to see.

In the north-western part of the country, the sun continues to shine for 50 days on summer days.

4. Alaska


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In Alaska between May and July, the sun does not go down. Alaska is known for its beautiful glacier. You can imagine how enjoyable it is to see the snow shining in the night from May to July.

5. Iceland

icelandThis is Europe’s largest island after Great Britain. Here you can also enjoy sunlight at night. From here on May 10, the sun does not go down. Walking here can prove to be quite memorable for you.

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