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5 Things That Makes Yuvraj Singh An Inspiration

5 Things That Makes Yuvraj Singh An Inspiration: Born on the 12th of December in the year 1981 in Chandigarh he might have not realized it at the beginning but he had something which was not so easy to be found. The charismatic personality, the inevitable skills, and above all the persistent resilience if being defined in the words of the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar delineates the character of this man.

How Yuvraj Singh took on the world to be such an Inspiration

During the world cup, 2011 Yuvraj Singh reached on a crucial stage of cancer and the most severe symptoms of blood in the cough was seen by him but he was Yuvraj Singh, he had dreams of millions of Indians on his shoulders which he held up sky-high even in those hard conditions.

A man who has banked hundreds of unbreakable records in his lot was when would have struck a disease, which although had the 95% chances of curability, must have been hit deep inside and would have shaken him from the head hairs to the toe-nails. However, he was like always a never giving up the boy and he stood up, dealt it with the rock strong mindset, and came back with an ever-high pitched roar. But what do you think Yuvraj as a human being had which made him stand all out of the norms and made his deal like a roaring lion even with the disease which can kill people psychologically?

5 Things That Makes Yuvraj Singh An Inspiration

1. The Sport In His Blood

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The sportsman is like a soldier of a rather formal field which asks him to prepare in advance to deal with the baffling situations and in Yuvraj’s case this Punjabi brat was already prepared for such a huge situation because the sport doesn’t only make you physically strong but it builds your mental muscles too and that’s what helped him.

2. Self Belief

Self Belief
Self Belief

From the fields of cricket to the room of hospital nothing can pull him down because somewhere in his whole body language you can always sense that attitude of bouncing back in the storms. Be it the fall in the batting form he has never made a face of a loser on or off the fields, instead there always was a sincere face on the fields because when it is about doing the job he is totally into making it, cause for Yuvraj it can be a fall but never a drown.

3. His Ludic Nature

His Ludic Nature
His Ludic Nature

Where many can see it as an obstacle insincerity of a cricketer, Yuvraj made it his strength, his image of a prankster and carrying that humorous mood all the time in any public event or a show somewhere brings him to a point where he can give a rest to his brain and body from the hard stressing routine of a sportsman on the field. And that surely plays a vital role in him being able to deal with the most stressful conditions of his life.

4. Adaptability


Many don’t know that Yuvraj in his childhood did not like cricket much and was considerably good at tennis and skating. But his father pushed him to cricket seeing his inner abilities and the rest is the history. Had his father not shifted his head from skating to cricket, India has had lost one fine all-rounder.  This ability to adapt in any condition somewhere has to play an essential psychological push in him being what he is today.

5. Childhood

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It would be highly sensitive to touch this part of any being but in the early age of Yuvraj, his parents got divorced which forced him to see the harsh reality of life and would have shown him the vulnerability of life’s exchanges. And no doubt going through such a phase and becoming a star cricketer needed some strongly rooted mental force which got stuck to him all through his life.

I feel more than what one can learn from his appearance and records, the inner self of Yuvraj could be the real inspiration. Go and learn.

Cricket is my life. Before the cancer, I was happy-go-lucky. I used to think about my career and worry about the future. But post it, my thinking has completely changed. Im happy to eat and breathe normally. Im happy to have my life back.”    –Yuvraj Singh

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