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6 Learning Quotes You Will Ever Need To Learn Forever 

Learning is just like life, it is an ongoing process and it does not stop and it should not stop until and unless death arrives. And opposed to the universal belief that learning needs schools and university and a student or working life; learning actually has no boundaries. You can learn about new skills, new people, new places, new human emotions, new technologies, new animal or plant species or new opportunities at any point of time, anywhere and from any source. So let us keep on learning with these best and motivational and best Learning Quotes and Sayings that will keep you going in life even when you think that you have had enough of knowledge. So read ahead:

6 Learning Quotes You Will Ever Need To Learn Forever

1. “Learn continually- there’s always “one more thing” to learn!”- Steve Jobs

Learning Quotes
Learning Quotes

According to Steve Jobs, the world is an endless array of stuff and no matter how much you know, it is never going to be the whole of it. Acquiring knowledge will always make you better and knowledge never goes in vain. So never think that you know everything about something because you will not, there always be something left to learn, so keep the little curious kid in you alive and keep seeking new things.

2. “Teaching is the best way to learn.”- Debasish Mridha

Learning Quotes

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When you know something, try to pass it on, says Debasish Mridha because it is the best way to learn. When you get to know about something for the first time, you tend to grasp the mere surface of it but when you repeat it and try to make someone else understand it, you tend to uncover a deeper layer of knowledge. Your knowledge is like your legacy, so never keep your knowledge to yourself, always share it with someone and that will do good to only the person in front but it will do so much good to you too.

3. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”- Benjamin Franklin

Learning Quotes

Benjamin Franklin says that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest and why, because with money and power, you can only rise to a certain height but with knowledge, you can go beyond the limits and you can create money and power. If you know things, you can make things work for yourself and maybe for this world too. So if you want to do something great, learn because learning will take you farther than money and power ever will.

4. “Change is the end result of all true learning.”- Leo Buscaglia

Learning Quotes

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Truly quoted by Leo Buscaglia, the ability to know why and when to change our ways comes from continuous learning. A well learned person has a higher chance of accepting the wrongs in their life and learning something new that is better. In short, learning and un-learning are the attributes of learning. And not only learning something better makes you educated but also un-learning something wrong. So always be open to knowing new truths and point of views so that you will have a wider range of possibilities to choose the correct ones from.

5. “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”- Henry Ford

Learning Quote by Henry Ford
Learning Quote by Henry Ford

According to Henry Ford, the only acceptable mistakes are the ones that do not teach us about the rights and wrongs, everything else is a good life lesson. Humans tend to make mistakes, each and every one of us. None of us are protected from some errors here and there. But as long as we learn something from our mistakes, we can call them life lessons for the positive light. So never be under the burden of your mistakes if you learned even a single thing from them. Plus make sure to learn things from the mistakes that people around you make, those are brownie points of life.

6. “Every student can learn, just not the same day, or the same way.”- George Evans

Learning Quotes by George Evans
Learning Quotes by George Evans

The truth has finally been spoken by George Evans about different students and their different levels of mind. Our education systems treat each and every one equally and at the first sight it seems great. But when you look closely, different students need different kind of attention to be able to learn. Everyone has their own pace and we should respect that. If someone is a slow learner does not mean he is no good, it simply means he might take a bit longer but he might actually understand better too. So the education system will only be successful when it will let everyone learn in their own way and on their own pace.


So these were the best Learning Quotes and Sayings that can drive you to never stop learning. Acquiring knowledge about things and people makes you a better person all and all plus professionally, it is good for your skillset. So learn from every opportunity that you get and whenever you get it. Happy learning.

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