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90s Kid : The Luckiest Generation

I am the 90s Kid. I had enjoyed the beautiful phase of my childhood life. Hard party songs, Facebook, Twitter, Smartphones, and a heap of ‘Attractive’ stuff are loaded in the box of today’s children and teens. They have ample provisions for enjoyment. But still, I pity them.


Only 90s Kid will Remember!

The tag of being the 90s kid (now an adult) hinders me to accept the domination of these so-called ‘mirthful stuff’.Though this tag is quite old and has lost it earlier vigor still I proudly attach it with myself. Changes are the law of nature. Nothing is static. Just like necessities follow inventions, causes follow effects, rationalism follows revolution the same way one generation follows another.

The gap between them becomes wide which cannot be abridged by any material. Today’s generation is involved in gadgets, smartphones have become common among everyone. Even the school going kids are also having this Privilege. This generation gap is not wide in numerical figures, only 15-10 yrs but it has widened the gap by its efficiency.

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Rewinding the cassette of my life, I find how different the world was for me and my generation fellow. Instead of smartphones, we used to have video games in our hands. What fun we achieved by that is still indescribable. I remember how we used to wait eagerly for our favorite TV show every week.

The longing for our indie-pop songs on MTV. Now there is no longing for anything among teens because of lack of patience. Now everything is attainable with some amount of data pack and of course in a single touch. All seasons do not seem that enjoyable for me as they used to be.

Whenever summer arrives my eyes always search for those kids in the evening who dare to play Hide and Seek, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, etc these 90s games in the ground.

90's Kid
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But as per my expectations, I find the grounds empty. I feel the grounds and parks groan with pain and call their those pals who are somewhere busy in playing other games of life.

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In the rainy season, I never find any sunny kid who likes to come out and enjoy the rain. I find them uploading their status as ‘enjoying the rain with some tagged peeps. I wonder what enjoyment do they really have? Watching the raindrops I remember how in our childhood we used to go out of houses in-spite of being scolded. How we used to exhibit our best of talents while constructing paper boats and how we used to sail our boats in the narrow pond. Though the pond used to be miniature the exploring quality of our mind was the widest.

In winter seasons I find kids in the vacations prefer sleeping in quilt and love operating their smartphones. They even feel cold on Facebook with many people. And they even drag out this piercing cold by drinking hot chocolate fudge on Facebook and that too with many people. I must not deny this fact that Facebook and other social networking sites have made people quite philanthropist..They share everything which they do, eat, etc. Even they feel sad with many other people and read a book with their peers.WOW!!

90's Kid

I mean now I feel I was kind of mean in my childhood because I hated to share my pink pinki, billu and Chacha Chaudhary comics with any of my friends. Thanks to the Internet for bringing people so closer.

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I don’t know whether I had the best childhood or I was lucky to born in that decade but I am proud of the fact that we people used to remember our buddies bday without any Facebook reminder. For us, it wasn’t really necessary to call or text your friend at 12 am. But we didn’t mind standing in the cue of a P.C.O for hrs to wish our dear ones.

I don’t know whether we had played the best games because we didn’t have candy crush saga or angry birds at that time but yeah we passed all obstacles just to take Mario to his destination. We definitely lacked technologies and good shows on which today’s kid boast but we really had a good time watching Shaktimaan every weekend. I appreciate today’s kids for getting the depth of love at such an early age and I really put myself in the fool’s category when I read their confessions describing the complexities in their relationship. We were really dumb at that time because we used to think love is what our parents have for us.

90's Kid
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I really think we the 90s kid used to live In fool’s paradise because we believed in the strength of Popeye’s spinach and not in Chota Bheems ‘Ladoos’.We used to live a monotonous life because we still enjoy playing those songs which we used to play ten years ago.

We were dumb enough to complete our projects without any google. We were so reckless that we played cricket outside of the house and not on laptops. Instead of running in temple run games, we used to run on the streets of backyards.

How to fool we were to shed our precious energy. We didn’t know what does love mean, we got the real meaning of sex without any sex education and yes of course without any so-called show giving lectures on it. We just allowed everything to cross our path when it was actually meant to be. We just had a lot of patience. The patience which I think is nowhere.

The kids of today are praiseworthy and think beyond the ages but still I don’t know why I pity them. I pity them when I see them wearing specs at tender ages, I pity them when I see their heavy bags, I pity them when I see their withered faces, I pity them when I find no innocence in them. I pity them because they were not born in my generation.

-Vartika [Trendook Reader]

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