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Popular Indian TV Shows That 90’s Kids Used To Watch

If you are a 90’s kid, you probably wished for a Sonpari or Sanju’s magic pencil that we never got. In the 80’s, the whole area had just one house that had a television and everyone had to enter their house to watch the weekly programs, it was crazy. You probably have heard these stories a million times like the rest of us from your parents and grandparents. But in the 90’s, almost everyone of this generation had the privilege to own a personal television. And the TV industry took the opportunity and was coming up with newer shows having newer concepts that were enough to glue the whole nation to the TV screens. So today we have brought the list of Top 10 Best 90’s Most Popular and Loved Indian TV Shows that 90’s kids used to watch with their whole family, because all the shows then were family friendly, *sigh*.

Today, we binge watch anything, anytime and anywhere we want. But there was a time when every show was telecasted on its own specific time and kids had to wait for it to watch it and if anyone missed it, then they had to wait for the repeat telecast. Cheers to the good old times.

So here’s to this amazing generation and their amazing 90’s kids shows, we have brought a list of Best Top 10 Popular Indian TV Shows that the 90’s kids used to watch:

90’s Popular Indian TV shows

1. Takeshi castle

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Takeshi castle

Takeshi Castle was a Japanese game show. This show included comedy, exciting Adventure. This sitcom used to come upon the television between 1986 and 1990. A small edition was aired on pogo tv channel with Hindi dubbing which was done by the very famous comedian, actor, dancer i.e Javed Jaffrey. In this show, a large number of challenges were used throughout the history of the show. Some of the challenges involve climbing upon the wall, falling into water, mud, etc. This show was very famous during 90′ and largely liked by the kids during that time.

2. Boogie-woogie


Boogie-woogie was the first Indian dance competition program. This show was aired on Sony television and this show was also judged by the great dancer, comedian, and actor i.e Javed Jaffrey. While naved Jeffery who was the brother of Javed Jaffrey was the director and producer of the show along with Ravi Behl. The show was very popular among the teens and led to the making of special championship shows such as kids championships, teens championships in which many celebrities use to participate such as Ritesh Deshmukh, Govinda, Juhi Chawla, etc. This was also very popular and one of the favorite shows of the 90s kids.

3. Shaktiman

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Shaktiman was an Indian Hindi language television show that was broadcasted on DD National between 13 Sep 1997 to 27 March 2005. Mukesh Khanna who was the producer of the show played the character of shaktiman. Shaktiman was a superhero who had supernatural powers which he had gained by meditation and the elements of nature such as space, air, earth, fire, water. During that era where spiderman, Superman was all children favorite Mukesh Khanna thought of creating an Indian superhero who had taken birth out of yagna. However, the show was engaged in a lot of controversies like children was jumping off the building thinking that shaktimaan would save them without realizing that shaktimaan was a fictional character. However, this show also had some positive impact upon the children and was loved by the kids.

4. Vikram aur betaal

Vikram aur betaal

Vikram and Betaal was an Indian fictitious television serial that aired on DD National in 1985. This show had a collection of short stories and is based on baital pachisi. This series contains a large number of stories that were recited by vetaal to Vikram and the stories were from Indian mythology. Vikram was a heroic king and betaal was a ghost. Vikram was on a task to capture The ghost betaal who meanwhile narrates stories and asks questions based on them during the entire journey. The show uses to be telecasted on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at a fixed time from 1985 to 1986. At the end of each story, it conveys a very important message to all and was one of the best shows during the ’90s

5. Hum paanch

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Hum paanch

Hum paanch was an Indian sitcom. The producer of the show was Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. This was a comedy series where Anand Mathur who was a white-collar worker always gets in trouble because of his five daughters. The first three daughters were Anand and his first wife’s child while the last two were Anand’s second wife’s children. All the five daughters are always up to something and meanwhile, Anand’s first wife whose portrait was there in the living room always talks to him through the picture and Anand’s second wife also use to support her five daughters instead of Anand. This was one of the most humorous sitcoms of all time.

6. Malgudi days

Malgudi days

Malgudi Days is an Indian television series that was aired on television in 1986. This show was shown on the channel Doordarshan. This series is based on collections of short stories written by R. K Narayan in his books. The stories were all about the struggles of innocent people, each episode was a picturization of Indian society and innocent families and their struggle. Every episode of Malgudi’s days was very interesting and probably the best TV series that ever hit Indian television.

7. Son pari

Son pari

Son pari which means golden fairy is an Indian fantasy-adventure television sitcom which was shown on television from 23 November 2000 to 1 October 2004 on the channel star plus. The series is all about a young girl whose name is fruity who summons a fairy named son pari and her friend altu by rubbing the magical gem which she had. Son pari was one of the most interesting and entertaining shows. This serial is liked by kids very much because it was a magical serial with that it had fairies in it. This is one of the best television series for children and very well-liked by the children.

8. Teletubbies


Teletubbies is an British children television series. This show is created by Anne wood and Andrew davenport.The program is mainly focused on the four character who are differently coloured and are known as ‘Teletubbies’. The series has won BAFTA awards and was even nominated for two Daytime Emmys . Each episode of Teletubbies were of twenty five minutes. The main aim of the series is to educate the infants and to unlock different section of the mind. The main characters of the series are lala, po, tinky winky, dipsy along with that it had supporting character such as the noo-noo. This show was very well liked by the children. This show however ended in 2001 but the remake was telecasted in 2014. This is one of the greatest anime ever made.

9. Shaka laka boom boom

Shaka laka boom boom

Shaka laka boom boom is an Indian hindi television series that was broadcasted on the channel DD National from 15 October 2000. Each episode was of about twenty four minutes. The show Shaka laka boom. Boom was directed and written by Vijay Krishna Acharya. In 2001 star plus had taken up and later in 19th August 2002 the first version was premiered with kinshuk vaidya as sanju. The series Shaka laka boom boom had 4 seasons in which 491 episodes were there. The first series goes around the main character sanju who finds a magical pencil which has the potential to bring anything he draws to life. The second season goes around shaan who is an alien and along with that the second season is all about the exciting experience with his mystical pencil. In the third season sanju and shaan are in a magic school named jadoo high and experience lot of Exciting adventures. In the fourth season sanju wants safeguard his family and in order to protect his family he goes to year 2022. Shaka laka boom boom is one of the best magical and adventurous shows during 90’s.

10. Karishma kaa karishma

Karishma kaa karishma

Karishma ka karshima is an indian television science fiction sitcom which is the remake of the 1980s American television series named small wonder . This show was aired on star plus on 24 th January 2003. The series was produced by sunil doshi . The show use to be telecasted on friday at 7:30 p.m. . The story goes around a realistic robot whose name is karishma and was designed by a scientist , vikram. . The main aim of vikram is to find out if the robot kaishmaa will become like humans by the passing time. Soon vikram brings the robot karishma to his house and make her familiar to her wife sheetal and soon she accept the robot karishma as her daughter. Shraddha and paresh who are vikram’s neighbour try to intervene in their life and wants to find out who karishma actually is. This keeps on going in the episodes while karishma everytime saves her family from getting caught. This is one of the best fiction series and probably was very much loved by the children. This series was very entertaining and exciting as how karishma try to escape her real identity and this series conveys many positive impact on the children.

Millennial kids who are now all adults were literally in the middle of technological slabs. They have seen it all, from Nokia-1100 to i-phone 12, from small toy robots to Sophie the robot, from Nintendo to play stations, from black and white CRT box TVs to ultra slim and high resolution LED’s and the list can go on and on. But whatever it is, just never forget to enjoy life.

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