The Trendook is an idea of making the trending information available in the most easily intelligible way. The word “Trendook” is a portmanteau of the two words; trending and sandook(a Hindi word for receptacle), hence, giving an idea of a receptacle of all the trending information. It’s a place where the different classes of buzz, around the social globe, can be identified very well from the noise.

 But Trendook doesn’t focus on being different than others rather it focuses on “How being useful to you, to the readers?”, we are not here to load your page with all irrelevant sets of information already flying there on the internet but to give what’s real and important for any human being viewing this page. We don’t anticipate for the heavy rush on our page but the quality rush is always welcome. We hope this site helps you to know and understand certain aspects of information which has gone distorted on the internet since its establishment, by the quality of its content.

The way content is gathered, organized and concisely portrayed assures the quality of it, the contents at the Trendook are the fine product of the saturated balance between the informational and entertaining elements cause here at Trendook we don’t believe in making information spicy by adding on false content rather looking for the zest in it and giving it a more appealing shape to please the eyes of readers. Several multiple categories are defined to navigate through for reaching out the desired content from the huge collection of distinctly organized information.

The exclusivity of content, the beauty of writing and concision are the mainstays of Trendook. Hope the internet gets its worth 🙂