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10 Affordable Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

It’s not difficult to take a look at Abu Dhabi’s glorious five-star lodgings with intricate early lunches and feel that this is what you eat while visiting the United Arab Emirates capital. In any case, assuming you know where to look, you can find a large part of the very road food that you’ll find in Beirut, Mumbai, or Istanbul. We are sharing the 10 best street foods in abu Dhabi that will leave you wanting for more!

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The following are 10 reasonable road food varieties to attempt in Abu Dhabi.

10 Must-Try Street Foods of Abu Dhabi

1. Cheddar Vada Pav

Cheddar Vada Pav - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Cheddar Vada Pav – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
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First on the rundown is one of Dubai’s number one tidbits. Situated in the core of Bur Dubai, this unlikely treasure serves a large group of lip-smacking bites, all under AED 20. Nonetheless, their Cheese Vada Pav (AED 4) is everything yummy. It has cheddar stuffed in the pav and is likewise finished off with more cheddar on the top. Could it at any point beat this?

2. Halawet el-jibn

Halawet el-jibn - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Halawet el-jibn – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

Halawet el-jibn means sweet cheddar. The Syrians have taken these delicate as-a-cushion cheddar rolls all over the planet. In Abu Dhabi, you’ll see a modest bunch of choices along Khalidiya Street. They’re ordinarily cut into little chomps and finished off with sufficient squashed pistachio to give them a slight crunchiness.

3. Karak tea

Karak tea - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Karak tea – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

This rich, smooth milk tea is presumably the most straightforward thing to track down on our rundown. Think masala chai however with less flavors. The predominant cinnamon and cardamom flavors are all you want. Karak tea likewise works out in a good way for any of the other famous road food things you’ll find in Abu Dhabi.

4. Kibbeh

Kibbeh - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Kibbeh – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

These seared patties are firm outwardly and delicious within. In Abu Dhabi, they’re regularly loaded down with ground sheep, onion and pine nuts. You can appreciate them plain, which is what we suggest on the off chance that you’re attempting these American football-molded mezes interestingly. They additionally work out positively for tahini or tzatziki sauce. A few spots will serve them with plain yogurt.

5. Cheddar Potato Oman Chips

Cheddar Potato Oman Chips
Cheddar Potato Oman Chips – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
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This one’s a most loved problem area among understudies in Academic city and those living in Silicon Oasis. Find them at the Eppco gas station, on the Dubai – Al Ain street. It’s the ideal and modest nibble to have in a hurry. The Cheese Potato Oman Chips for just AED 4 is simply amazing to chomp be it for breakfast, lunch or supper. It’s definitely worth the effort; you may want to get two of it!

6. Falafel Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Falafel Sandwich – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

Gorge on falafels for AED 1 each or make it a sandwich for just AED 3. Indeed, you heard that right! Farisian Cafeteria serves tasty falafels, samosas and batata vadas throughout recent years, and the quality remaining parts even today. Giving you the genuine quick fixes, this bistro makes certain to indulge you for decision, obviously without breaking your bank.

7. Rigag

Rigag - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Rigag – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

This ain’t simply a staple. Situated in Jumeirah, they additionally serve flavorful rigags just external the basic food item. Rigag is a slender fresh crepe loaded up with egg and cheddar. An outright work of art, this is estimated at AED 5 as it were. You could pick a bunch of chips of decision and ask the benevolent man making the rigags to top it on. Outright yummers!

8. Chips Sandwich

Chips Sandwich - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Chips Sandwich – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

A colossal roll stacked with samosa, fries and veggies; barbecued flawlessly we’re as of now slobbering! Furthermore, assuming you’re anxious to chomp into this heavenly combo, make a beeline for Al Halawa Cafeteria at Meena Bazaar. The chips sandwich is estimated at AED 8 and granted, it’s enormous and all that could possibly be needed for one individual.

9. Knafeh

Knafeh  - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Knafeh – best street food in abu dhabi
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Knafeh is one of the most well-known Middle Eastern desserts to go. A run of the mill square cut will be about an inch thick with gooey cheddar wedged between firm destroyed filo mixture. Contrasted with baklava, the pleasantness is more unobtrusive and it’s additionally more sensitive.

At Qwaider Al Nabulsi, they serve custard and cheddar forms. Inside this little and effective sweet shop, they have both in plain view simply an inch over their roundabout ovens, which keep them warm over the course of the day. You can watch the group remove at the last option, with the cheddar sticking to the round base like what you’d see while eliminating a cut of Chicago thicker style pizza from the pie. Ask the staff, and they’ll let you know they’re serving Palestinian-style knafeh.

10. Rgag

Rgag - Street Foods in Abu Dhabi
Rgag – Street Foods in Abu Dhabi

This slender crepe-looking bread is made with entire wheat flour and loaded up with a slim layer of cheddar, egg, honey, or fish glue. The outcome is a firm road bite that is not as filling as different things on the list. Try the Nutella version of this famous street food from Lgymant and Rgag, which is situated in Zone 1, close to Umm Al Emarat Park.

However, apart from these there is one more the most famous street food to try if you are in Abu Dhabi – this combination of probably the best Middle Eastern ingredients is a fundamental stop on any Abu Dhabi foodie. You’ll track down the most noteworthy centralization of shawarma sellers along Hamdan Street. They have chicken and sheep choices, with the last option basically alluded to as meat. A tad of zest with your chicken and garlic sauce, attempt the Mexican.

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