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Amazon Rainforest Fire – The Complete Picture

What exactly has happened to Amazon Forest?

The Amazon forests as you must have heard in the recent news and headlines stumbling all over the internet, discussing amazon fire are actually called the Amazon rainforests.
What does that mean? Presumably, rainforest refers to forests that receive rains throughout the year and are hence moist forests. The Amazon are some of the densest tropical rainforest covering almost 7,000,000 square kilometers of the land of the Amazon basin.

Want to know more?

Amazon rainforests are considered as the lungs of the earth as this single most stretch of forests with billions of trees producing about 20% of the oxygen of our whole planet, along with absorbing almost 25% of the Carbon dioxide and other carbon-emissions.

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Coming onto the incident, the burning of the Amazon rainforest is not a new thing, one that has been originated in discussions in 2019, its actually goes way back in the 2000s when the forests were first being started to be destroyed by the local people in order to get agricultural land which was carried under the pact of increasing agricultural development in the Amazon. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who took office in the year 2019, pledged in his campaign to reduce environmental protection and he is doing his job when destroying the forests is concerned.

The Amazons are rainforests which actually means that they are wet and cannot be burned or destroyed on their own or by any natural factors, it’s actually the greed of humans and all the external factors which are keen on devastating the beautiful greenery of this planet.

People traveling in planes over the forests have witnessed the changes in recent years, a picture from 2004-19 can be clearly seen as a sign of the harm that has been done which has cleared nearly 80% of the forests which once could be seen from the space as the greenest part of the earth.

Astronaut Scott Kelly writes: “Deforestation changes the face of our planet. Between my first flight in 1999 and last in 2016, I noticed a difference in the #Amazon. Less forest more burning fields. The #AmazonRainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen. We need O2 to survive!”

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The destruction done to the forest has affected many lives, threatening a wide variety of species of plants and animals, along with the local tribes living near the forests which is their natural habitat. Herding, getting food, shelter and much more, all of this has suffered a lot because of the greed of some countries and the agriculturists.

amazon forest image

Authority’s remarks over the incident

Continuously scorching for about 3 weeks and more than 74000 hectares of the Amazon forest land is clear of trees, affecting hundreds of tribes and animals running for their lives and finding shelter in such a situation.

All of this is happening and the world is getting together to save the forests with multiple NGOs forming all over the world and the governments of the world contributing in any way they can, while there is the Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro watching in and reacting as such nothing has happened. According to Bolsonaro, the fiasco is an “annual occurrence” and denies any big step to be taken for it. For the Brazilian government, this is nothing but a climatic change and nothing to do with someone or to be blamed for.

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Even after the fires, which turned the skies of the Sao Paulo totally black on a bright sunny day of 19th August, the government has not even shown a sign of anxiety or fear against this. It is worth noting that the city of Sao Paulo is more than 3000 kilometers from the Amazon rainforests. The government still seems to be in a denial mode against the fires and there is a favorable chance that they won’t be taking any strict action soon.

Amazon Rainforest fire

On the other hand, as I discussed above, the world is hot on its heels hovering over the situation, people are really upset about what we have lost and this alarming situation is sure getting people united on this affair which is actually a positive sign.

In the G7 Summit held on 22nd August, all the 7 nations were discussing the possible solutions in the favor of the rainforest, while Bolsonaro was sitting on his comfortable couch and wasn’t giving a fu*k about whats happening. The G7 Summit ended with a decision of supporting the aid with a $20 million fund which was later rejected by none other than Bolsonaro.

Shedding some light on the Brazillian government, the leader Bolsonaro after coming into power in January this year has witnessed the environmental issues like a joke. He even went on TV and referred to this fire news as “fake news” in starting of August.

The foreign minister of Brazil Ernesto Araújo says it on record that he does not believe in global warming as such(really). Also, the environment minister Ricardo Salles is referred to as “deforestation minister”. It is even said that Bolsonaro fired the satellite monitoring agency chief for monitoring the deforestation of the forests recorded to be 278% in July.

What more could you expect from such a waste government?

How to revive the lungs back?

amazon rainforest before fire

Feel bad enough? Feel guilty for all the environmental pollution you ever did in your life?
There are still many ways to revive the lungs of our planet earth. We could still save our planet and could still help in retaining the beauty of this green park which has been spared to us.

The following measures are currently taking place in order to save the Amazon Rainforests.

  • The world is joining hands and is helping in the best way possible, by contributing whatever it can.
  • Apple’s Tim Cook was one of the first CEOs to stretch the helping hand towards the aid by offering some donations to save the forests.
  • Any single person in the world can help save at least an acre of land by donating on Rainforest Action Network.
  • You could also save the forest by purchasing a piece of land in the Amazon by donating to Rainforest Trust, more than 23 million acres have been saved by this already.
  • Reduce the paper, wood use, and beef intake. The beef found in the processed food and burgers and also paper and wood is mostly linked to deforestation.
  • Multiple NGOs are supporting the cause by helping aid financially, search for such NGOs and help them out.
  • One more thing that can be done by the common people is contacting the elected officials and make your voice heard and the officials eager to help.
  • Change.org has been forming a petition which has already been signed by more than 3 million people. It aims to mobilize the investigation against the fire.

Some facts related to the Amazon Rainforest Fire

  • In this August 19, 2019 photo, you can see the darkened sky above Sao Paulo, Brazil due to a smoke cloud from forest fires in the Amazon thousands of miles away.

amazon forest images

  • On August 17, 2019, glowing smoke in Humaitaa, Brazil, looked ominous at night. According to Reuters, the sky never goes dark while the Amazon burns.

amazon forest images

  • Amazon has around 3 million animal and plant species, along with 1 million people living in it. But this year, many of those inhabitants are in serious danger, as the rainforest is burning at an unparalleled rate.

amazon animal and plant species

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