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Anjali Raghbeer an Entrepreneur and Founder of Writers Qi

Who is Anjali Raghbeer?

Anjali Raghbeer, an MBA from the prestigious London Business School, wanted to initiate her children to Indian artists. But when she started to look for books in that genre, there were none! That was the turning point in her life when she was inspired to follow her childhood dream for writing. Little did she know that this leap of faith would later lead her to win ‘The Young Women’s Ficci Ladies Organization (2013-14)’ award for her contribution to children’s literature in India.

She went on to pursue her passion for writing and studied feature film writing at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. She is the author of several children’s books and a successful scriptwriter. Not ‘content’ with limiting herself to writing, she has now ventured into the education space with her venture, Writers Qi, a top overseas education consultancy in Delhi.

When asked about her move from writing to overseas education, “It was organic”, she explains. “I started out with helping students write their essays for applications to universities abroad. I realized that students did not understand the key ingredients of a compelling essay. It then grew to guide students to find the right fit for colleges. Since then, Writers Qi has worked with students across the globe and helps them better prepare for their overseas college journey. She also holds several pro-bono workshops in writing.”

On Revolutionizing Education with Writers Qi

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Anjali Raghbeer is motivated by providing access to knowledge to everyone. Her boutique education consultancy guides students as they apply to study abroad in the US, UK, Canada, and other top global institutions. She believes that the value of education and how it can build children to be better decision-makers is irreplaceable.

In her effort to make education accessible, she works with students across the globe and does pro-bono consultation for students from VidyaGyan School. With her company Writers Qi, she helps education dreams come true for scores of people. Her student Sudeeksha Bhatti, a tea-seller daughter, won a full scholarship to Babson College. Like Sudeeksha, she has helped several others fulfill their dreams.

Connecting People Virtually

In her constant effort to make college applications easy, she tirelessly conducts webinars with leading universities so that students can learn first-hand knowledge from Admissions Officers of prestigious universities. She has interviewed admissions officers from New York University, Boston University, Swarthmore College, Bristol University among others. During COVID-19, due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic in the education space, she has been called on for her expert opinion by NewsX as part of their round table discussions on study abroad.

She brings student experiences and the struggles they face to the fore. Her workshops on “Writing the Common App Essay” or the “Mock Admissions Workshop” are sold out immediately. Details of these programs can be found on Instagram @thewritersqi

Ventures and Avenues

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Writers’ Qi enrolls a handful of students per year and renders them conversant with the admission procedures and college applications of USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India. They also have assisted in winning 100% scholarships to institutes such as Bryn Mawr, Wellesley College, The University of Rochester, and Babson College. Alumni of Writers’ Qi has deftly managed to qualify for scholarships in premier hallowed portals of UCLA, University Of Arizona, Kelley Business school, and many others, based in the USA and Canada.  They mentor art students who later carve their own niche in RISD, Parsons, SAIC, Pratt, Maryland College, and the likes.

Anjali works with VidyaGyan School that shortlists financially challenged meritorious students, encompassing all the 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh. They are given middle and high school teaching and boarding facilities within the campus, in Bulandshahr and Sitapur. The students come to Anjali in Grade 11 where she mentors them and familiarizes them with the pedagogy of high-quality, standardized tutelage that motivates them to be successful applicants in the highly competitive area of international admissions.

On Bibliophilia

Anjali’s books depict the rich artistic milieu of India with depth through simplistic portrayals meant for young readers. One of her prolific works, “The Veena Player” from her series “Looking At Art” was nominated for the Vodafone Crossword Award, 2010.  The series comprises of four books, celebrating Indian artists Jamini Roy (A Trail of Paint), M.F. Hussain (Barefoot Hussain), Amrita Sher-Gill (My Name is Amrita)and Ravi Verma (The Veena Player).

Another series, “Art Tales of India,” captures the unexplored alcoves of Indian folk culture. The books have bite-sized insights about the socioeconomic scenarios, cinema, theatre, and indigenous art forms, mingled perfectly with mystical storytelling. They take the readers on a cultural joyride, stopping by the heartlands of the Bhil tribe (A Jar of Sound), the detailed nuances of Madhubani art (Rescue by Design), the relic of Indian cards, Ganjifa (A Royal Deck) and zoom into hand-painted Bollywood posters (A Poster Boy). She is frequently seen hosting art appreciation workshops to imbibe a creative spirit in the youngsters of India.

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Amongst her other works, there are historical fiction novels like “The Curse of The Broken Step” and “The Mystery of the Nizam’s Jewels”.

On Sustainable Living

In association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), she wrote the book “Grow a Green Gene” that aimed to encourage children of formative years to be cognizant of climate change. She’s a visionary who has foreseen the plight of our planet if sustainable, environment-friendly methods are not adopted soon enough. With our exhaustible resources depleting day by day, creating a sense of responsibility, amongst the ones who’d engender future generations on Earth, is much needed.

Wings of Fire

Anjali Raghbeer is not the hero that we deserve but the hero that we need. She has brought substantial changes into society simply through her love for art, knowledge, and education. She gives credit to perseverance and says that there is no shortcut to success. She is a perfectionist who believes that we should follow our passion and then doors open in unexpected areas. From business to writing to education, each area of her life has contributed to the other.

Guided by her vision and deep passion for education, even amidst the pandemic, she continues to make undeterred efforts to keep the education dreams of students alive.

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