Asifa Bano– Just another story of a brutal rape! Asks for a fundamental fix may be?

The girl named Asifa Bano, gone missing since 10th of January 2018, was found a few days later in the most shockingly repellant circumstances. An eight-year-old child’s legs were broken and seemed almost unrecognizable with all those blue and red marks all over the body. Asifa belonged to a village, about 72km east of Jammu city.

The rationalities went completely blurred for limning the causes which lead the incident to happen. To begin with the probe, the casual behavior by local police officials has to be underlined for the delay in the search process. Mr. Pujwala, the father of Asifa, alleges one of the police officers for making an insensitive remark that she must have ran off with a boy instead of filing the complaint. However, after the rage of the community shaped into a protest on local capacity, it forced the officials to initiate the investigation. Immediately after the body being found, the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister ordered the investigation by the state crime branch. The charge sheet submitted by CBI alleges that the Aasifa was raped for days, tortured and then finally murdered by hitting twice with a stone on her head.


Sanji Ram, a 60-year old government officer, supposedly planned out the crime with the help of police officers Surender Verma, Anand Dutta, Tilak Raj, and Deepak Khajuria. Two of the juvenile relative of Sanji Ram has also been accused of the crime and have allegedly made most rape attempts to the victim. The CBI believes that the accused wished to threaten the Gujjar community into leaving Jammu. The court has set the next hearing date as April 28. The Jammu and Kashmir government has appointed two public prosecutors, both Sikhs, which is assumed to be a step taken for ensuring the “neutrality” considering the religious context associated with the issue.

Asifa was the third daughter adopted from the relative after the accidental deaths of two daughters of Mr.Pujwala. The funeral ceremony was also impeded by Hindu-right-wing activists. The activists threatened the community with violence on continuing the funeral, that too on land owned by the victim’s family member.

The unclear objectives behind the incident followed by the political and religious ballyhoo turned the issue more into a “News-Headline-Subject” and yet again blinded the roots. The roots which were needed to be looked at and handled very sensitively in a diversified country like India and that too in an already sensitive region like Jammu and Kashmir.

To understand the intensity of such incidents and to resolve them they must be looked at very evidently and in a separated manner. Leading to any conclusion before analyzing the facts and the situational forces would not only blur the realities instead it would also provide space for further defacements in society to emerge. Hence, if the current issues are not being dealt with a sensitive perspective they would undoubtedly cause future disfigurements in society to evolve.

This incident is not the very first of it’s kind, we may address it again as a mark of shame on whole humankind. We can also blame the mindsets, the religious people, the community system and for the driest effort, we can also blame the child. But the noticeable fact of the situation is that nothing as of now in terms of efforts and words has been able to even touch the issue’s fundamental causes.

We have few sets of facts with us, first is that an eight-year-old child has been raped and we don’t need to add any adjective to the act of it by calling it brutal or ruthless as she is raped and that is the only issue currently to be dealt with. Secondly, we have government officials alleged to be involved in the crime, we also have two juvenile supposedly making the most number of rape attempts to the victim. And lastly, the political and communal outrage to the incident must also be addressed. Now we have to sensibly try to realize that the incident is an unnatural outcome of the crippled and imbalanced psychological forces within an individual, unfortunate for all of us is that such kinds of mindsets are getting evolved and built amongst us. For the adult rapists, the intent of rape would be completely different than those of juveniles, hence they both must be separated for the matter of resolving the case when finding guilty. The prior objective in any such case should not be spreading fear amongst the feeble-minded rather it is to be able to reach out for the real causes from the perspective of the culprit and eliminate that cause from all the feeble minds. For when we as a society and judicial system would achieve that, only then it won’t outgrow into one of the most disfigured sides of humanity. The primary objective for the judicial and political system and even for the society should not at all be to blame the alleged culprit or any community as such, rather it should be to first find out the criminals only in the most sensible manner. Then afterward it doesn’t stop there, for these kinds of incidents to not be repeated we as a society must study the causes, the mental state under which such acts are committed and majorly the factors leading to draw such mindsets at the core. Only when we get to realize the core factors, the daily happenings and all the bits and parts leading to such imbalanced state of psychology then we may attain a position where it can be addressed in the most efficient direction.

See, the current outcomes are not the result of current mindsets rather these mindsets have evolved into this state over a long period of time. It is not that out of the blues this all has started happening.

When we start blaming only the current situations and circumstances for it, we have to understand that for a mental state to reach a point it takes a lot of time and lots of conscious and unconscious efforts been put to it.

However, the rate at which it has grown out, we certainly can not address the mindsets individually. Hence, the system must be focused on two perspectives of the incident, first is how to eradicate the current factors leading to such issues and alongside, which is even more important, the system must focus on the unconscious and core psychological factors which outgrow into such state of psychology where a human loses all it’s rational and realizing capabilities for the consequences of any acts. As for anyone who understands the consequences of any action would itself be realized enough to decide whether or not to go for any act in general.

The punishments under judicial context can never be a permanent solution with such large number of incidents happening, the core must be hit and resolved for a solution to such defacement.

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