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Bhuvam Bam’s Dhindora and Hi Book Hi Book Hi Hi

The power of social media is gigantic and unlimited. The majority of us use it as a way to be entertained, some of us love displaying our lives on it. People have set up successful businesses using it and some have become overnight sensations. And one of the biggest names of social media stars is Bhuvan Bam.

If you are even remotely exposed to society and the internet, you must have heard of “BB ki Vines”. It is a YouTube channel started by Bhuvan Bam in June 2015 where he used to upload video clips showcasing his amazing acting talent and on-point comic timing. And today he is a channel with over 2 crores subscribers.

With this huge fan following and his success, Bhuvan has been experimenting with the types of content a lot. He has come up with various characters, vlogs, music videos, series and so much more. Initially, he would enact all the various characters himself. To sum up, he is extremely talented and versatile.

In his recent series, “Dhindora”, he is seen pushing his limits a little more with an elaborate storyline and big cast. The series is already a hit. We are not here to give you any spoilers, but we are here to talk about an interesting thing that the characters talk about in the fourth episode named- Saste Sherlock (Cheap Sherlock) of the series.

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So the scene goes on to show a coffee date between Bhuvan (Bhuvan Bam) and Tara (Gayatri Bhardwaj) where Tara is shown reading a book and the cover says “Hi Book Hi Book Hi Hi”. So Bhuvan asks her about what she is reading, to which she replied with the name of the book “Hi Book Hi Book Hi Hi”. Then Bhuvan asks the name of the author and Tara replied “It’s the Japanese author- Dil Liye Jaayen Jaaye”. To which Bhuvan gives a sheepish smile and asks again that what it is about. And Tara explains that it is to help the introverts who do not know how to socialize, play play-station all day long and stalk women creepily. And at this point, Bhuvan is just busy in his dream world talking to himself, admiring Tara’s beauty, and predicting the happenings of the upcoming few moments.

Now the catch is that, at first many introverts watching the scene might have felt happy to know that a book exists that can help them be a little more comfortable with socializing. But, both the names of the book and the author are the lines of a Bollywood song from the movie “Gopi Kishan” starring Karishma Kapoor and Suniel Shetty. Although the book seems interesting and we would have given anything for it to exist, but it does not exist, sadly. But worry not; there are many books out there for the introvert in you.

So for now, watch “Dhindora” for free on YouTube and hope that someday, Bhuvan will come up with “Hi Book Hi Book Hi Hi” for his lovely viewers. Have a good day you all.


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