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Board Games That are Suitable for People of All Age Groups

Board games are the primary form of games humans began playing when they got bored out of their wits in ancient times. The invention of these games is a sheer representation of the intellect we as humans tend to possess. These games spread as cave paintings and indoor games and slowly made their way into our modern lives through cell phone screens.

In the current scenario, board games rule the internet and are the top in-demand apps in the global digital market. To play these games, you need to get a handy app that supports the game format, and you are good to go.

In this blog, let us go over some games that are ideally suited to be played by all age groups and provide the best form of entertainment at any time of the day.


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This game of intellect needs no introduction as it is the world’s most widely played competitive board game. The word competitive does invite specific speculation regarding the rules involved in chess-playing but be assured that it is not a tough nut to crack. To play chess, you must focus on the main characters’ moves on the board and then play the game accordingly. You can learn the basics of the game right after a couple of rounds, so it is not that difficult. Most older people already know how to play chess and do it regularly, and the new youngsters have to be introduced to this as it promotes healthy intelligence growth.

Chess improves memory and involves the player using both sides of their brain. In adults, playing chess helps keep the brain young; in young people, playing chess promotes intelligence. Therefore, chess is a perfect bridge connecting the modern world to the ancient world.


Ludo is a board game popular with people of all ages because of its absolute simplicity. Ludo has the most colorful set up for people and is used to bring about camaraderie in gaming, which is essential and primarily required in these post-COVID times. To play Ludo, you only need a board, tokens, and rolling dice to play the game. It can be carried anywhere and is a convenient board game. The game’s objective is to make a round of the board and push all tokens in the last box of your home color to win the game. Players have to open their tokens by playing sixes, and then they can revolve the tokens around the board by following dice throws. The game requires minimal strategies, yet it is fun when played with people of similar interests. This is an evergreen game played through decades and a must for all new gamers. To play Ludo online, you must get an app from the app store that is identical to the actual game minus the hassle of carrying extra equipment.


Carrom is one of the top games that is played online as well as in real life. This is a miniature form of billiards that was adapted long back in a smaller format to become accessible to more people worldwide. To play carrom, you need a board and usually white and black coins that count to nine on each side. One central piece in the carrom game is red, which ranks as the board’s highest valued piece. All you have to do to learn the game is to memorize the values of the pieces and gain the ability to aim coins into the pockets. It does not take much time to learn the game, but it takes time to master the skill shots that eventually allow you to win it. The rules are simple, and you need no special knowledge to play the game; therefore, people of all people can enjoy it similarly.


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Monopoly is the best game on this list that allows players of common interest to come together. This game involves players getting into a business setup where they can travel across the board, making purchases and owning property while increasing their overall value in the game. Both young and older adults are interested in this game because of the factor of ownership involved in the gameplay. It gives you a sense of you being a proprietor, and you get to feel very responsible for all the choices you make in the game. This sense of responsibility makes this game favorable for the young and the old so that they develop a kind of partnership while playing the game. It is straightforward to carry around and fits snugly in a backpack, ready to be taken on your next picnic.


This multiplayer board game is one of a kind, and players are drawn to it like bees are to honey. The game’s goal is to settle on the island of Catan and beat your rivals to become the island’s king. Many players play the game as the mechanics are pretty straightforward, and anyone of any age can grasp it. The game’s popularity has made it available in both physical format and online, so you can benefit from playing it either way. However, the digital version of the game stands to be more visceral and immersive.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how many games might come out with advanced graphics, it is essential to understand that board games are a staple to players of all generations and will remain favorable regardless of the times. These games are educational and, at the same time, quite entertaining therefore providing knowledge and satisfaction in plenty. These listed games are the best and one of a kind, so you will never stand a chance to be bored while going ahead with anyone from the list mentioned above.


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