Child Sexual Abuse – An incision to the societal core

Child Sexual Abuse

A Few weeks ago, a heart-wrenching incident of East Pakistan, Kasur, stirred the international media. Child Sexual Abuse in Pakistan.

A six-year-old kid, Zainab Ansari, got raped by a man named Imran. He is claimed to have links with the international child pornography organizations. Imran has been found of holding more than 35 bank accounts which are supposedly for the transactions between several child pornography organizations.

Child Sexual Abuse

Imran was the resident of same neighborhood as of Zainab. According to the alleged statements from the locals, Imran has got earlier insulted and even beaten up publicly after being caught in certain incidents of eve-teasing and molesting. He was accused of 7 rapes but was successfully dodging the law authorities for a long time.

Child Sexual Abuse – India:

Earlier this week, in India, on 30th January 2018, an 8-month-old child got raped by the relative who was asked to take care of her. The man is in his late 20’s and is a laborer by occupation. When the parents were out for work they requested the cousin of the baby child to look after her in their absence. When the parents returned home, they saw blood from between her legs. They immediately took her to the hospital for treatment. And there, the doctors confirmed that she got raped. The man got arrested and admitted of inserting his fingers into the baby’s vagina.

Child Sexual AbuseChild Sexual Abuse – The reason:

Well that was all for the information, now we got to look at the reasons for such unacceptable incidents. We all somewhere know that this sadly won’t be the last unmindful incident of such manner. We have heard of many and unwillingly will have to hear more if it won’t be looked over wisely. The question here is that why such a huge degree of insensitivity raise has been encountered lately? Since when we started making the mistakes of avoidance and ignorance?

The victim’s families, in an intense outrage, would blame the culprit for the particular incident. The media will blame the police, legal authorities and government bodies. And a commoner would very innocently raise the fingers to everything from the time, cultural transformation, to technological advancements. Strange is, that all of them are absolutely correct but themselves are playing a very prominent role in giving it a push. And ironical is to admit that they all are unknown to it while being a part of it, for quite a long now. For we humans have trapped ourselves in our situational maze and won’t even be able to get out of it if we will not look at the situation of the world from every way.

Child Sexual Abuse

Before we go to the roots, we must have to look for a stage somewhere mid-way to give an effective pause to such incidents. As because, after the crime has done the loss, no amount or degree of punishment could compensate the morale went down, the confidence which has got died, the innocence which has been destroyed, and the life which has been lost. No punishment could redress it all.

Child Sexual Abuse – The Laws and the society :

Child Sexual Abuse is an act which distinctly describes, the weakness and illness, a human mind is suffering from. There would, of course, be certain legal definitions for it to be treated as a crime and discrete societal definitions as well. And at this very point of declaration and judgment of an act, I believe we have made a huge mistake by layering such acts depending on the degree of intensity it has been committed with. Hence, unknowingly this way we provide liberty for the minds of ills to find their space and go for such acts. For instance, until 2012 there was no rigid legal framework especially for child sexual abuse in India. And earlier they were also dealt with the IPC sections (354, 375, 377 and 509) which were made for any general sexual abuse incident. In 2012, the Indian Parliament passed the law for the Protection of Children Against Offense Act (POSCO) for victims below 18-years-old.

Child Sexual Abuse

However, under the punishing statements of this act, we will find that the system has layered the punishments based on the acts of penetrative and non-penetrative incidents. For which the monetary penalty, the duration of imprisonment and intensity of punishment varies. And this POSCO acts are particularly for Child Sexual Abuse and hence, for the similar category of crimes our legal system treats the criminals differently. That too, depending on the age of the victim and not the culprit. So we have here, similar intentions but different punishments. Obviously, the laws are made to obstruct the crimes and are made by very respected and deserved officials. They certainly hold just the right quality for designing such a complex legal system but if the problem remains or if grows even more rapidly then it becomes the need for understanding the root cause of the issue. Hence, if on a legal foreground such brutal acts are to be defined then the punishments should no way reflect different levels of penalty for having the same intentions of crime, as the intentions are the one which outgrows and creates a criminal. And if the core reason resides in the mind, then the hammer must never hit the body but the mind first.

Now looking at the societal structure and see where such mental deformity starts taking its shape, we must undergo the initial uprooting of such mindset. As very clearly we can see that the people who do such acts, even after facing intense outrage they don’t realize the degree of loss they’ve made to the society. Unless how come a man of 28-years-old didn’t think even for once before putting his finger into the vagina of a mere 8-month-old child? Certainly, there is something fundamentally wrong with the society and very specifically with its domestic culture? And for me, to that question of obscurity, comes out three reasons as an answer.

Poor quality education, deeply rooted biased behavior of society for different sexes, and very prominently the avoidance or ignorance towards the natural behavioral phase of a being. The quality of education and the discriminatory attitude of society calls nothing much to write for, as the reality is known to all. But the avoidance of certain psychological inclinations of a being at a certain age must be dealt with openly, healthily and very sensitively. So that it doesn’t outgrow into a form of heinous mental deformity. Though, they all three has to work together, for without eradicating the one you can’t imagine eliminating the other fundamental reason.

The mishandled curiosity at a particular age-phase becomes a habit initially, gradually supported by our very own “Thorha to chalta hai!” attitude. But when this habit gets overshadowed by the disfigured sickness of the mind, it makes the being To commit an unimaginable act.

Child Sexual Abuse

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