Children till the age of five are considered Gods in “Hindu Mythology”.

Kids are God

In Hindu Mythology of India, this is very much propagated psychological set up where it is considered that children till the age of five are the human figures of the Gods themselves. Well at first it might strike like many other millions unexplained and clueless mythological story from the top where one cannot see any logical stand up for believing the ideology as whole.

Hindu-Mythology-Indian-Child But just like all the other Indian myths, it also has a very deeply built up rational foundation to it. However to truly understand this whole concept of children being considered as Gods we must have to understand the actual description of God described in the core scriptures of Hinduism and Hindu Mythology.

In almost every Vedic scripture one would find that the concept and reality of the God is nothing but the REALISATION of consciousness as the conscious energy which is responsible for keeping us alive, apart from the physical body parts, is the only God. But as it is said, the REALISED consciousness is the God not the imbalanced or unstable one.

Hence again a simple support statement is needed for defining the realised consciousness, the realised consciousness is the one which is not influenced in any sense by any physical worldly entity, be it the emotional imbalances or the luxurious properties.

This all may sound a bit bizarre at first but consciousness is one aspect of existence which is ignored by science not because it doesn’t exist rather because of the in capabilities of physical sciences in understanding it.

So whether you realise it or not it does exists and holds the very fundamental nature of life. Now heading back to the myth-cum-fact of “The Children Gods”, we have a recent research study which proved that till the age of five children do not hold any negative energy towards anyone for so long which is a clearly visible fundamental nature of life.

Hence the conscious energy residing in children is naturally stable till the age of five, a fact which forces us to look upon certain natural fundamentals of life, which however is being ignored since many years now, and about the consciousness and its significance.

Conscience Child

This way we can clearly undergo the realisations being made by the authors of Vedic Scriptures in Indian Hindu Mythology. millions of ages back. We can understand that the God which is nothing but the stable and balanced consciousness resides in all of us and has some natural course in physical form and expressions.

This video shared below might help the readers to understand the realities of consciousness a step deeper. Thanks for reading.

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