The cutest bodybuilder you had ever seen | (The Muscle Barbie) they call her

Muscle Barbie

Julia Vins is one big name in world-wide bodybuilding, famed by the most unique and contrastive name anyone can get in the field of muscle making for sure; Muscle Barbie. However when now you going to look at her incredible pictures you would accept the reason for her name but you won’t believe what you be looking at because she has truly made a living legend out of her life.

The cutest bodybuilder you had ever seen | The Muscle Barbie they call her:

While we see millions of girls and boys busy displaying their kitschy acts all over the social network, this girl at the tender age of 15-16 years old decided to go for the profession of bodybuilding. Well being a girl in Russia might not be of such an issue for a girl, socially or even politically for some people arguing over national differences,  to opt for the profession of bodybuilding but breaking those stereotypes this world all over the globe has grounded so silently; that must have already been an obstacle in her head but besides all that when a girl has a cute-beautiful face, sensuous body and ample of guys looking at her she won’t think for bodybuilding in any possible case. But radical in her views and full of fad she did jump in and paved the way for millions to follow with more strength, proud and respect. These few pictures shared down below are just handful of inspirations from her legendary profile.

Instagram Profile Link – Julia Vins

  • Woohoo!! I was looking for muscles not like heart hustles.

Muscle Barbie

  • This is insanely beautiful. Stop it right there, don’t make me fall for you please Vins. 
  • I am dead already. I can’t go for even a single more picture. 
  • Finally some muscles……..And more beauty again. Is she here out from earth to make us all fall for her and win over all.

Juliya Vins - Hill Sides

  • Well these’re some curves, like the ripped ones. Still why am i stuck on her face every time?

Muscle Barbie

  • Fortunate and inspired, seeing such sheer beauty and strength. Respect for the lady.

Muscle Barbie

  • You are my inspiration for life now. 

Muscle Barbie

  • Exactly like the superwoman i dream of. See the poise and grace blended with most apt composition, its rare. 

Muscle Barbie

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