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Rafale is here! 11 Dassault Rafale Facts Everyone is Talking Of

The Rafale Combat Jet has joined the Indian Air Force fleet. 5 Rafales, flying from France landed at Ambala airbase on Wednesday afternoon [29 July 2020]. This has substantially increased the combat capability of the Indian Air Force. The Rafale aircraft is equipped with many features. This is the reason why it is included in some of the world’s strongest fighter jets. In this post, we are going to tell you rarely known Dassault Rafale Facts.

After the induction of five supersonic Rafale fighter jets into the Indian Air Force, the number has increased to six. Let us tell you that the first French-made Rafale aircraft RB 001 was received by India in October last year.

At present, these fighter aircraft are going to increase the strength of the Indian Air Force in the sky. By the way, India is not the first country to buy Rafale from France. Even before this, some countries have done it. Some countries are also in the queue. At the same time, some deals could not be completed.

Significantly, India has to get 36 Rafale aircraft from France. Half of these aircraft are to be placed at Ambala airbase and a half at Hashimara airbase in West Bengal.

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With this aircraft joining the Indian Air Force, the morale of the Indian Army will be greatly elevated.

Rafael has many characteristics, the enemy cannot escape from Rafael’s surefire target. If you talk about without payload then the weight of Rafael is 10 tons. At the same time, if it flies with missiles, then it weighs up to 25 tons. Many freight airforce aircraft do not have this much weight. For this reason, it is certain that Rafael can fly by carrying many missiles with him.

Facts about Dassault Rafale

Now let’s see some of the rarely knew Dassault Rafale Facts.

11 Dassault Rafale Facts

  1. Rafale’s Scalp Missile has a range of about 300 km.
  2. Rafale can fly up to 60 thousand feet altitude in a minute. Rafale can fly at a speed of 2,223 km per hour.
  3. The specialty of finding 40 targets simultaneously makes this fighter jet more special than others.
  4. Rafale is a two-engine fighter jet.
  5. Rafale jets are capable of carrying many weapons. It is also capable of flying with nuclear weapons.
  6. The Rafale aircraft has a carrying capacity of 9500 kg and is capable of flying for an additional 60 hours with a maximum weight of up to 24,500 kg.
  7. The Rafale aircraft is capable of flying over the Himalayas even in extremely cold weather. This type of capability is not present in every fighter aircraft.
  8. Rafael is 15.27 meters in length and 5.3 meters in height. Its fuel capacity is about 17 thousand kilograms.
  9. These include Israeli helmet-mounted displays, radar warning receivers, low band jammers, 10-hour flight data recording, infrared search and tracking systems, etc.
  10. Europe’s missile maker MBDA’s ‘Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile’ and ‘Scalp Cruise Missile’ which is capable of air-to-ground hits are key in Rafale’s.
  11. These aircraft will now also be equipped with Hammer missiles. The specialty of these missiles is that if any fighter aircraft appears in the No Scape Zone, then this aircraft will be able to destroy it too.
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Facts about Dassault Rafale
Facts about Dassault Rafale

Let me tell you that India is not the first country to buy Rafale from France. Even before this, some countries have done it. Some countries are also in the queue. At the same time, some deals could not be completed.

Egypt is the first country to buy Rafale from France. Egypt first started talking in 2014 to buy Rafale from France. Egypt became Rafael’s first international customer on 16 February 2015 and orders were placed for 24 aircraft.

On 4 May 2015, Qatar signed a deal to buy 25 Rafale from France. For this, the deal was done for $ 700 million. There was also an option to buy 12 more jets. Qatar got its first Rafale in 2019.

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Now you know what is so special about this Dassault Rafale fighter jet. We hope these Dassault Rafale Facts will amaze you.

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