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5 Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

Are you thinking of decorating your small space to make it look cozy, comfortable and yet sophisticated without using much of your space? Then we are here to help you. Decorating a small living room, bedroom or a small office cabin can be a tough task but it is really necessary as these are your personal spaces where you spend a lot of time and thus they have to feel homely so that you days are spent well at work and at home. Maybe you cannot add a whole lot of big fancy furniture or large décor pieces but what you can do is decorate with smart and small décor items. So given below is a list of decor ideas that take up almost no space but they are literally the primary pieces that can change the look of a place instantly and completely. Plus they are cheap, easy to find, easy to install, easy to change, useful and practical. Here are the 5 Decorating Ideas for a Small Space like your living room, bedroom or office. Here it goes:

5 Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

1. Curtains:

Decorating Ideas For A Small Space
Curtains – Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

Curtains are thin and they take up few millimeters of your vertical space close to your doors and windows. But they can change the whole look of the place in an instant. They are the biggest décor piece that you can add to a room on the windows and the doors and they kind of decide the vibe of the place. Even if the place itself is not so cozy, the curtains can do the work. They are like portable wall papers that are easy to change. And the options are so fancy and endless that you might cry with joy. So invest in the curtains that you thing will cheer up your place by adding nice colors, patterns and textures.

2. Rugs:

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Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

Rugs are like curtains for the floor, thin, does not take up much space, barely there, purposeful, looks cool and can instantly change the appearance of a space. They are here to protect your floor from heavy furniture marks and scratches. And along with that, they feel boujee and look comfortable. Plus the options are endless. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors to fit your requirement to the T. So do invest in some rugs according to your need, rustic or sheek, your choice.

3. Tall Plants:

Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

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Tall plants take up the vertical space which will make the space look bigger and you can just add them to a corner that you barely use, but before that, make sure to do some research on your plant’s compatibility with your space. If your place is not well lit-up with sunlight, then bring home some low-light house plants otherwise you might want to explore some tropical house plants that do great near windows. And while you will relax in your room, the plant will just sit there producing oxygen for you.

4. Cushions:

Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

Cushions are soft and cushiony, of course and they only take up the already taken space that is on the sofas, bean bags, couches or beds. They not only add color and some dimension to your small space, they also add comfort and thus coziness. And the best thing about them is, according to the ongoing trend, cushions do not necessarily have to match your other interior or each other in color, pattern, shape or size. Cushions are all about mixing and matching. Think about adding bohemian cushions to your white walls and a black sofa or adding black and white cushions to your sky blue sofa, pure bliss.

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5. Fairy Lights:

Decorating Ideas For A Small Space

Fairy lights can go up on the wall, a shelf or on your plants and believe me they look and feel divine while taking up almost no space. Soft fairy lights create the illusion of being in a peaceful mountain top while you lay in your bed. They are easy to find and install and they have many options that you can choose from when it comes to the light color and the overall look. Plus they can work as your night lamp and candles, pretty practical right.


We hope these ideas for decorating small spaces help you in making your own personal getaway. Just keep in mind your personal taste, preference, and your space while bringing home anything and you are good to go. Good luck and have a great day ahead.

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