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15 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Popular Dog Breeds in India: After a book, the second kind of most amazing best friend a human can have is a pet animal (Domestic Animals), and in that too, the best is without any doubt a good boy with four legs-the doggo. Pets can bring immense pleasures to our lives and are scientifically proven to lower stress levels. So if you are planning to bring home a pupper, read on the list of dogs easily available in India. But before moving on, slow down for a bit and ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Are you financially prepared to bring home a new member? Pet animals are not one time expenses, just like babies, when you bring home a pet, there goes a lot of financial aspect in the scene. From the cost of buying to the pet to feeding them, to their regular doctor visits, etc. So make sure to go into the details first.
  2. Again just like babies, pets need a lot of love and care to grow up and flourish into a healthy and long-living member of the family. Unless and until you are not ready to give the pet the same amount of love you would give a family member, drop the idea.
  3. The last and the most important thing to keep in mind is the habitat of the dog. Given below is a list of non-Indian dogs, while most of them are already adapted to the Indian climate, some of them are still not really suited for certain environments. Getting amused by the beauties is certain, but you would not want them to suffer unnecessarily. So before planning for the breed, just study in-depth about the requirements of the breed.

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Top 15 Popular Dog breeds in India 2022

So that is mostly it. Now let’s carry on with the cuties list:

1. Dachshund

Best Dog Breeds in India (Dachshund)
Best Dog Breeds in India (Dachshund)
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Description: These disproportional and hot-dog looking dogs are short-legged and have long tails. Dachshunds are known for their ever-alert expression and for bundle of energy in a small body. These dogs are available in two sizes, standard, and miniature. While being little puppies, their bark is so loud that guests at your house can be frightened. These dogs are kind of hard to train because of their stubbornness trait. They are aggressive towards strangers and don’t like unfamiliar faces, but are loyal to their owners. They are prone to have separation anxiety if they are left alone frequently. If you are looking for a small, apartment-friendly, and jovial furry friend, then Dachshund is a nice option for you. This breed was initially bred to hunt small prey like tunneling animals, rabbits, and hairs, but later became one of the popular domesticated breeds. These dogs have a small digestive tract, yet their energy requirements are high. This makes them need a diet high in protein content. These are great watchdogs who will alert you on finding the slightest of suspicious activities. These dogs have a longer lifespan, making it one of the longest living dog breeds. The ancestors of Dachshunds used to chase and flush out badgers and rabbits from deep burrows.


Size Small
Group Hound group
Height 8 to 9 inches or 18 to 22 cms
Weight 5 to 15 Kgs
Life span 10 to 16 years
Colors black, tan, chocolate, cream
Temperament stubborn, lively and energetic, courageous, playful, clever
Price 6-10k INR

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2. Beagle

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Beagle)
most popular dog breeds in India (Beagle)

Description: Beagles are great family dogs and good with kids. Thanks to its good sense of smell, it is often used as a sniffer dog at airports. It has a short-haired, hard coat of medium length. It is similar to foxhound but a smaller version of it. But if you are looking for a guard dog then this breed might not be a good fit for you because they are easily won over in fights and are really amiable to almost everybody. They have a tendency to over-eat so monitoring the amount and type of food they consume is absolutely necessary. Their cute little face can melt anyone, and that could be one of the reasons for their popularity. Although it may take up to an year of thorough house training to fully train them.


Size Medium to small, Compact
Group Hound group
Height 13 to 15 inches or 33 to 38 cms
Weight 10 to 15 Kg
Life span 12 to 15 years
Colors brown, white and chocolate, lemon and white, white and tan, chocolate tri, black and tan
Temperament curious and smart, friendly, determined, amiable, excitable and energetic, gentle, merry fun-loving, cute as a hotdog, and even-tempered
Price 23-28k INR

3. Husky

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Husky)
best dog breeds in popular India (Husky)
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Description: The husky dog which originates from Siberia has a massive fan base in India because of its mesmerizing multi-colored eyes. Although huskies can’t handle the hot weather of India because they have a thick coat that helps them to keep warm in cold weather. These beauties are native to Siberia which has extremely cold weather so they are naturally designed in such a way to tackle the cold. But India has dynamic weather which is not suitable for Huskies. So unless you live colder place in India where there is mostly cold weather like Manali, it is unadvisable to have this dog. Also light coat huskies are now a thing, but they still can’t endure hot weather.


Group working
Size Medium to Large
Height 20 to 23 inches or 50 to 60 cms
Weight 16 to 30 kgs
Colors white and black, black and brown, grey, black and tan
Life span 12-15 years
Temperament friendly, active
Price 40-60k INR

4. German Shepherd Dog (GSD) (historically known as Alsatian)

Popular Dog Breeds in India (German Shepherd Dog)

Description: These big and strong over-protective dogs will put their lives at stake for their family’s safety, making them one of the world’s best guard dogs. That is why they are mostly used as guard dogs and for police and military work. A sufficient amount of physical activity is required daily for the German Shepherd Breed. They are quick to learn things (with only 5 repetitions) that are taught to them and obey the commands given by the owner better than other breeds, They are generally more controllable than other dogs. They can be easily trained and require average grooming, They were earlier used for sheep herding, and are now used for security purposes because of their amazing smell and detection capabilities. The puppies have a faster growth rate than other breeds and hence require a diet rich in protein. They shed heavily and possess a thick double coat requiring regular brushing and grooming.

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Size large
Group The working group (herding/shepherding)
Height 22 to 26 inches or 55 to 65 cms
Weight 25 to 40 kg
Life span 9 to 13 years
Colors black, black and tan, grey, sable, red and black, black and silver
Temperament Loyal and friendly, courageous & smart, obedient, watchful and alert, affectionate, intelligent and intuitive, diligent, active and agile
Price 15-40k INR

5. Great Dane

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Great Dane)
dog breeds available in India with the price (Great Dane)

Description: Great Dane, also referred to as the ‘Apollo of Dogs’, is a very loyal guard dog whose intelligence makes it easy to train. It loves kids and other dogs. These are one of the tallest dogs in the world and make a really great family companion. Great Dane should be fed with high-quality dog food appropriate to the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). The primary killer of the breed is bloat (gastric dilatation-volvulus), where the stomach distends and twists, and multiple small meals per day and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes can help reduce the chances of it happening. Usually, Great Dane’s short, smooth coat doesn’t shed much, but during the shedding season, hair loss would be profuse and daily combing would be a necessity. The dog’s usually long nails should be trimmed regularly. For a breed as large and powerful as the Great Dane, obedience training is a must. Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended.


Size Large and giant
Group Working
Height 28 to 34 inches or 71 to 86 cms
Weight 45 to 90 kg
Life span 8 to12 years
Colors black, brindle, fawn, mantle, harlequin
Temperament Bright, fun-loving & very active, devoted, confident, friendly, reserved, gentle, and caring
Price 30-35k INR

6. Boxer

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Boxer)

Description: It’s a sporty dog that’s easy to train and one of the best guard dogs to maintain. It has a large head and body, a square muzzle, and powerful jaws. It is and is used as a guide for the blind and makes great watchdogs for families. While they show patience and playfulness towards children, they respond aggressively to anything that threatens their loved ones although the inherent patience and protective nature of this dog has earned it a reputation as a great children’s dog. It has a large body and head, a square muzzle, and strong jaws. This dog should do well on high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared. The Boxer’s short, shiny coat requires very little grooming. Its nails should be trimmed regularly. Early socialization and puppy training classes are necessary for this breed. They are highly intelligent and tend to have a mind of their own and are excellent problem solvers.


Size large
Group working
Height 21 to 25 inches or 53 to 63 cms
Weight 25 to 32 kg
Life span 7 to 12 years
Color white brindle fawn
Temperament friendly, patient, devoted, fearless, loyal, sporty, smart gentle, friendly, quiet and protective high-energy, strong and agile, intelligent
Price 7-70k INR

7. Labrador Retriever

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Labrador Retriever)

Description: Labrador retriever is one of the most preferred choices for Indians. They are smart and loving and make a great family dog. Historically, they have earned their support as a fisherman’s helper: carrying nets, picking up ropes, and picking up fish from the chilly North Atlantic. Modern Labs work as hunters retrievers, help dogs, show competitors, and dog search and rescue.

Labradors they do very well with family and even with strangers. They do not have high-maintenance costs and easily adapt to different environments. In fact, they are a bundle of joy and one of the best options for first-time pet parents. They are known to bond with the whole family. Their social skills with neighbor dogs and humans are the breed’s highlight. They come in yellow, black, and a luscious chocolate color. Labradors require high-quality food in accordance with the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior) with all the necessary nutrients the breed requires. This breed is highly prone to obesity. Labradors have thick, water-repellent double coat skin which requires occasional grooming. Labradors are highly agile and energetic who require a lot of exercises each day.


Size Large
Group Sporting group
Height 22 to 24 inches or 55 to 60 cms
Weight 65 to 80 kg
Colors black, brown, golden, chocolate, yellow
Life span 10 to 12 years
Temperament affectionate, intelligent, loyal, outgoing and agile, gentle and kind friendly, active, quiet and rarely barks, easygoing and trust people easily, playful, easy to train, obedient
Price 4-25k INR

8. Rottweiler

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Rottweiler)
famous dog breeds in India (Rottweiler)

Description: Are you looking for a dog breeds for families in India which is both affectionate and a fierce protector? Then this breed is the perfect choice as Rottweiler is a breed renowned for its tremendous strength, and has a lineage of Roman legion mastiffs. It is suggested that they are socialized right from puppyhood to be safely domesticated. Rottweilers make great guard dogs. They are mostly used for police and military work. Despite having a short coat Rottweilers do lose a decent amount of hair. Using a dog brush that removes dead undercoats in them can reduce the hair fall tremendously. Being a strong breed, Rottweiler thrives on a diet rich in protein. A moderate amount of fat is suggested for them to fulfill their high energy needs. These babies are hypo-allergenic, meaning they are least exposed to allergies. Rottweiler’s ancestors were used to pull carts, guard homes, and herd animals.


Size large
Group working
Height 24 tp 26 inches or 60 to 66 cms
Weight 40 to 50 Kgs
Colors black, brown, tan, mahogany
Life span 8 to 10 years
Temperament self-assured & courageous with good steady nature, alert courageous, obedient, intelligent, loyal, and strong
Price 15-40k INR

9. Pug

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Pug)
popular dog breeds in India (Pug)

Description: Being of small baby size and one of the smallest dog breeds, pugs are ideal for small households and residents of apartments. Their eyes speak tons about their innocence. Even if they shed, the hair drop is quite small, making the dogs easy to keep. Unless they get into some mud or mess, they don’t have to be bathed. As they require daily trimming of nails, they may be uncomfortable with long nails. The popularity of this breed in India started from the Vodafone ad. At one point, they were even tagged as “Vodafone Dog” instead of pugs. The majority of this breed does excellent with children and very fond of them. Pugs also tend to spend most of their time just napping. Pugs are very intelligent and act according to the mood of their owners and try to please them. They crave for human companion and follow you around all the way, They are one of the oldest and ancient dog breeds in the world, They are a good option for first-time pet parents. Pugs do well with both homemade and store-bought foods as long as they are fed healthy calories. As pugs are a little vulnerable to obesity, their diet should not contain too much fat. They are highly adaptable dogs who equally cherish to stay at home as well as enjoy the outdoors.


Size Small
Group Toy Breed
Height 11 to 13 inches or 25 to 33 cms
Weight 5 to 16 Kgs
Life span 12 to 15 years
Colors black fawn apricot silver fawn
Temperament playful, charming, stubborn, docile, clever, quiet, affectionate, kind and gentle, rarely aggressive, jovial
Price 10-25k INR

10. Golden Retriever

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Golden Retriever)

Description: This is another popular dog breed in the list of most popular dog breeds in India. Golden Retrievers are easy to train. They have a very pleasing demeanor and are suitable as family dogs. They’re can also make good watch dogs, guide dogs (for deaf and blind), and are great for pet contests. They are medium-sized, sturdy, good-looking dogs, They have a waterproof coat, dense with a straight or wavy outer coat that requires regular grooming, They are the face brand of Pedigree (Dog Food). Also, Golden retrievers are prone to some genetic and other diseases such as (Hip dysplasia), so, they should be taken to a veterinarian for check-ups regularly. Golden Retriever needs high-quality food be it commercially manufactured or home-prepared. This breed has a history of suffering from obesity, thus watching the dog’s calorie intake is of utmost importance. This breed heavily shed their double fur coat once or twice a year, so, brushing it on a regular basis is important. During times of heavy shedding, these brushing sessions turn into daily affairs. Nails also need to be well-trimmed. Early socialization and puppy training classes are highly recommended.


Size Large
Group Sporting
Height 21 to 24 inches or 50 to 60 cms
Weight 25 to 35 Kg
Life span 10 to 15 years
Colors golden, cream
Temperament affectionate, friendly, smart, intelligent, kind, reliable, caring obedient, devoted, calm, confident, outgoing, and eager
Price 20-30k INR

11. Cocker Spaniel

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Cocker Spaniel)

Description: Cocker Spaniel is a dog with eyes shaped like dark almond. It has an average litter size of five puppies. Due to its medium-built, it is convenient to live in an apartment with this breed. Their good-looks and intelligence make them one of the favourite pet dogs for families. It has a medium-length silky coat that is flat or slightly wavy. These dogs make a strong bond to the owner, especially the one who feeds it. These dogs crave for human companion and they don’t like to be alone. They make a great family pet for these characteristics. Cocker Spaniel needs a quality meal with the necessary ingredients. A chicken and rice-based food has long been a good starting point for Cocker food. Cocker requires regular grooming as avoiding may lead in tangling or mats in the dog’s coat. Being a people-pleasing breed, Cocker is generally sensitive to reaction (approving/disapproving) of its owner.


Size Medium
Group sporting/gun group
Height 13 to 17 inches or 33 to 43 cms
Weight 12-16 kg
Life span 10 to 15 years
Colors blue roan, orange roan, black and tan, orange and white, liver roan, lemon and white, liver and white, ash, silver golden, red
Temperament happy, gentle, smart and affectionate, quiet, friendly and playful, lively, active, kind and compassionate
Price 15-30k INR

12. Dalmatian

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Dalmatian)

Description: This sleek and black & white dog breed, known for starring in the 101 Dalmatians of Disney, has a history that goes back several hundred years. This breed began as a coach dog but also served in many other capabilities, including hunting, firehouse dog, and circus performer. Very charming as shown in films, he goes back in the blink of an eye from gallant to silly and back to the gallant and loves to be part of everything his family does. They make a good watch dog and are more suitable for warm weather, and not recommended for extreme cold weather. The Dalmatian dogs were originated from Dalmatia (Roman province); by Dalmatae tribe and from here they got their name Dalmatian. Dalmatian is a unique dog breed known for its black or brown spotted coat on white background.


Size Medium
Group companion/ non-sporting group
Height 19 inches to 24 inches
Weight 24 to 29 kgs
Life span 10 to 16 years
Colors black and white
Temperament highly energetic, playful and energetic, athletic and affectionate, smart, active, sensitive, outgoing
Price 20-25k INR

13. Tibetan Mastiff

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Tibetan Mastiff)

Description: This large teddy bear is an ancient dog breed originating from Tibet. Large and intimidating, Tibetan Mastiffs are mostly used as guard dogs. They are affectionate towards family and show territorial aggression towards strangers. The Tibetan Mastiff belongs to the mastiff family, originating from China, Nepal, and Mongolia. It is a guard dog used by tribes in China to protect sheep from wild animals. Training is required for these dogs from puppyhood as they are very stubborn. This dog is not suitable for apartment living and should be handled by experienced dog owners. In addition, these dogs cannot survive hot weather conditions and preferably cold mountainous regions are suitable for them.


Size gigantic
Group working
Height 24 to 30 inches or 61 to 76 cms
Weight 35 to 74 kgs
Life span 12-16years
Colors black, brown and tan, gray
Temperament tenacious, aloof, strong-willed, and stubborn
Price 60-80k INR

14. Doberman

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Doberman)
popular dog breeds in India (Doberman)

Description: Once trained, these puppers can be really socially-oriented and loving. Even though they are widely preferred in military and police services around the world, Doberman makes great pets. They are famous for their extraordinary sixth sense. Plus, they can adapt to different climatic conditions. This breed has average grooming needs and is easily available in different Indian cities. Doberman dogs are great guard dogs; they are fearless and always ready to defend their owners from attackers. They are also extremely easily trainable. If you are looking for someone to protect your home they are the best pick for you. This breed is prone to some health issues, so, the dog should be properly examined before taking home and regularly taken to the vet.


Size large
Group working
Height 24 to 30 inches or 61 to 77 cms
Weight 32 to 45 kgs
Colors white, black, fawn
Life span 10-14 years
Temperament agile, loving, courageous, intelligent, fearless, energetic, and loyal
Price 40-60k INR

15. Pomeranian

Popular Dog Breeds in India (Pomeranian)
small dog breeds in India (Pomeranian)

Description: Pomeranian is a small-sized spitz breed dog which looks almost similar to Indian Spitz but is different. Little, furry, and playful, Pomeranians are the best companion for kids. Because of their active nature, they are used as watchdogs too. They are kind of territorial in nature so they may bark if they hear some unusual sounds. Pomeranian dogs are thick coated. So, proper and regular grooming is required to maintain the quality of its coat.


Size small
Group Toy
Height 7 to 10 inches or 18 to 24 cms
Weight 2 to 7 kgs
Colors white, brown
Life span 12-16 years
Temperament friendly, sociable, extroverted, intelligent, playful
Price 4-75k INR


So this was our list of the most easily available non-Indian dogs in India to bring home. Also along with these good boys, consider adopting an Indian native breed from a nearby dog shelter too. Keep reading and sharing.

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