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List of 13 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Globalization is the new air, it is everywhere and it is the need to survive for all the countries and for most of the people. It provides an opportunity to be in a bigger market, among varieties of people, people who are providing several products and services and seeking various products and services too. People are moving out of their countries to seek better things in return of their skills. And one of the biggest barriers in globalization is language. Although English is now coming out as the most used and accepted language of the world, but sometimes you can actually grab better opportunities if you know more than just English. So today we have brought the list of the Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers that will add up to your bulk of skills and make your resume look better.

Although learning a new language is not always about professional obligations or needs; Sometimes people learn them for their aesthetic or as a hobby. Sometimes people move to a new country where knowing their language comes really handy. So if you are someone who is looking to learn a new language, then we have brought the list of the Easiest Languages to Learn (Write, Read, Speak and Understand), especially for English speakers, as most of us speak, so sit back and decide what you want to learn next:

Although easiness of learning these languages depends on individuals based on their personal traits like native language and grasping power but the one who has the willpower to do something will do something.

13 Easiest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

1. Spanish

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easiest language to learn Spanish


There is a huge chunk of the population on the Earth who is speaking (second most spoken language) and is interested in learning Spanish thanks to the ease of learning it and the fact that this is a romance language. Just like Hindi, in Spanish, words are written as they are pronounced, i.e., phonetic, which gives you an almost upper hand in the pronunciations while reading. It is derived from Latin just like many English words so you will see many cognates (word originating from the same ancestral language and sound similar). But like life as hurdles so does Spanish, it has many different verb tenses and grammar exceptions but they do align with the grammar in English.

2. German

easiest language to learn German
easiest language to learn

One of the top Germanic languages and the close cousin of English shares hundreds of cognates with English but it will give you a tough time in the grammar section.

3. Norwegian

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easiest language to learn Norwegian


The structure (grammar, word order of the sentence and syntax) of this language is similar to English as they share the North Germanic roots. Further the Norwegian grammar is pretty straightforward with only one form of each word per tense. Also Norwegian accent is pretty versatile so there is no specific accent. So all you need to do is practice and practice.

4. Dutch

easiest language to learn Dutch
Easiest Languages to Learn


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Here is yet another language with Germanic roots. It is the third most spoken Germanic language after English and German and due to the shared origin and attributes, it sounds like a mix of German and English. Many Dutch words are spoken exactly as in English but they might have a different pronunciation. Also some cognates have different meanings in both languages.

5. Indonesian

easiest language to learn Indonesian

Indonesian is one of the few Asian languages that use Latin alphabets. It is also phonetic and does not have many grammatical rules with no verb conjugations, no plurals and no grammatical genders.

6. Danish

easiest language to learn Danish

Danish language has a Germanic influenced vocabulary, hence something related closely to English which also accounts for similar grammar patters. Danish has a total of 9 distinct verb forms and written Danish looks like Norwegian and Swedish but the pronunciations can make you scratch your head.

7. Swedish

 easiest language to learn Swedish
Easiest Languages to Learn for english

This language comes from the Scandinavia and the Germanic family just like English and is known for its musical aesthetic. It sounds good to the ears and to the heart. Swedish language has many words, conjugation rules and syntax in common with English. And just like Norwegian, it also has similar word order to English. It has a total of 9 vowels, out of which, 5 are same as in English language. It also shares a large number of cognates with English so easy breezy.

8. Italian

easiest language to learn -Italian

Once you get hold of the major Italian phonemes, this poetic and romance language becomes easier to grasp. It has Latin roots accounting for many cognates.

9. Portuguese

easiest language to learn Portuguese

It is one of the romance languages and thus sharing its roots with other from the category. And as you must have noticed, this list is dominated by romance languages and hence it is easy to learn. This language has really few prepositions and intuitive interrogatives and hence, questioning becomes easier. It also shares vocabulary with English but also has some false cognates (two words that sound and look the same but has different meanings).

10. French

easiest language to learn French

French is believed to have influenced about a third of the English language—about 8000 words to be precise. French is a majorly Latin driven romance language that shares much more with English than any other romance languages. Mastering this language may take time, thanks to the complex gender nouns, pronunciation and a bit too many verb forms. But the one willing can easily learn to at least converse it.

11. Afrikaans

easiest language to learn Afrikaans

This raw and simplified version of the Dutch language lacks verb conjugations and gender pronouns and thus it does not leave learners scratching their heads. English and Afrikaans share similar phonetics, pronunciations and vocabulary, thanks to their origin from the same family of language.

12. Romanian

easiest language to learn Romanian

Romanian grammar comes easily to English speakers because of the similar structure. According to popular believes, romance languages have Slavic origin and Romanian is the most powerful member. In fact, 80 percent of the Latin vocabulary is influenced by Romanian.

13. Swahili

easiest language to learn Swahili

Swahili pronunciation is easy and the words are pronounced as they are spelled. The grammar is also pretty straightforward and easy to grasp.


Life is an ongoing process of learning something good and un-learning something bad. So grab your willpower and begin your journey of encountering a new language. Further, maybe you can book a ticket to the country and take a feel-good trip there just to show your new skill. Till then, aloha amigos.

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