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17 Amazing Facts About The Internet That Will Blow Up Your Mind

The internet is now accessible to almost everyone on the globe, and even you are reading this article with an internet connection. But how much do you know about the internet? Do you see the web information you can access through Google is only 10% of the total information available on the internet?

Studies have found a lot of strange facts about the internet that you should know.

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17 Amazing Facts About the Internet

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Below we have collected amazing 17 facts about the internet that will blow up your mind. 

1. Twttr, known as Twitter today.

Jack Dorsey made the first tweet on March 21st, 2006, which read “just setting up my twttr.”

Twitter was first termed as SMS-based social networking and, therefore, it had a character limit of 140, i.e., currently a 280 character limit.

The site you see today has evolved a lot in recent years and now has more than 335 million active users who spend 500 million tweets every single day.

2. The most Liked photo on Instagram 

Facts About The Internet
Facts About The Internet
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The most liked photo on Instagram is a post by Kylie Jenner of her newborn daughter – this photo clocks in at over 17.9 million Instagram Likes.

3. The First Email was sent in the year 1971

The first web-based email was sent in the late ’90s. But an elementary form of the email was created in the 1960s, which used ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) to be shared with the connected computer systems. The email was sent by Ray Tomlinson, a US programmer, who invented the email system.

He used the “@” symbol to signify that the email was sent to a person and not to a machine (computer).

4. Four billion people out of 7 billion are Internet users already.

Facts About the Internet
facts about the internet

According to ICT, there are almost 4 billion people on the internet of the entire world’s population, and this has been increasing drastically every year.

5. There are 1.9 billion websites on the internet.

Facts About the Internet
 Facts About The Internet
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According to a survey done as of October 14th, 2018, there are at least 4.46 billion pages on the internet and increasing by millions day by day. The same research suggests more than 1.9 billion websites to be existing and around 441 million Tumblr blogs to be active. For your information, more than 5 million blog posts are published every day.

6. 51% of website traffic is fake.

Facts About the Internet
facts about the internet

The world’s leader in IT and networking, Cisco, predicts that by the year 2021, 82% of all IP traffic will be obtained from video streamings, from the fact that in the year 2016, internet users consumed one Zettabyte bandwidth, which is more than a trillion gigabytes.

According to a recent study by Incapsula, nearly two-thirds of all the website traffic is not generated by humans but rather is created by Internet bots and malware.

7. There’s also no fact regarding the origin of ‘Wi-Fi.’

Around 1999, the brand consulting firm Interbrand created the name Wi-Fi after being commissioned by the Wi-Fi Alliance to market its services. The term ‘Wi-Fi’ doesn’t have any actual meaning. There’s also no fact regarding its origin.

8. An average adult spends a minimum of 5.9 hours actively on the internet.

According to Kleiner Perkins 2019 Internet Trends Report, a typical adult spends a minimum of 5.9 hours actively on the internet. Astonished, are you? Yeah, that’s almost one-fourth of a day.

9. 400 Hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube Every Minute.

Facts About the Internet
facts about the internet

About 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, while 400 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. YouTube was launched in 2005 and had a drastic increase in its public in a short period, with the number of viewers rising exponentially.

10. Fastest Internet speed based on Akamai data

According to Akamai, the worldwide network is the fastest in South Korea and Japan. The average bandwidth speed there is 22 Mbps, which is far above the United States, which is 8.4 Mbps.

11. Approximately 5000 domain names are registered per hour.

The demand for domain names is so high, i.e., 5k domain names being registered per hour, that more than 75% of Domains are parked, that’s the reason why you don’t get your desired .com domain name.

12. Approximately 30% of the world’s population is a Facebook user.

Facts About the Internet
facts about the internet

Facebook boasts a mass of 2.234 Billion users. This social networking site had 1.74 billion mobile active users in 2018. Studies show that precisely 50% of internet users are Facebook users.

13. It took the internet just four years to reach its first 50 Million Users.

The television took 13 years, and the radio took 38 years to reach the same number of users. However, the internet only took four years to accomplish the same.

14. cern.ch is the world’s first website that is still online.

The first-ever website created was info.cern.ch, and it is still online. It’s a primary HTML site, and the page contains a few lines of text.

15. More than 85,000 websites are hacked every day.

Facts About the Internet

It is observed that more than 85,000 websites are hacked every day for the thievery of personal data, credit card information, confidential information of companies and government organizations, etc.

16. The word ‘surfing’ was first used in 1992.

The word “surf” has its origins in the late 17th century, apparently derived from an obsolete word “suff,” meaning “the shoreward surge of the sea.” The term ‘surfing’ was first used in 1992, by a New York librarian named Jean Armour Polly and has been a trend since.

17. Online Dating websites generate one billion dollars of revenue per year.

Facts About the Internet
facts about the internet

Online dating may sound like a dumb idea. You will freak out to know that according to the latest statistics, online dating generates approximately one billion dollars in revenue a year.

The internet is vast than you can ever imagine and keeps on expanding with every passing minute. Here were some of the unbelievable facts about the internet everyone should know, but the list never seems to be ending. Every day millions of events happen over the internet, which is quite impossible for a being to keep track of them.

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