Do you know this? The frauds been taking place in the name of GST

GST Frauds

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) imposed lately by the ruling BJP government, despite of having huge amount of mixed reactions from in and out of the government houses it has successfully made its position in the business routines. Therefore GST is a vital reform for the economy of country, as in the form of simpler tax methodology. Hence it certain elements must be made very clear to the most important component of this whole system, to the tax payer, in regards of its implementations. As because lately many small and medium sized business firms of all kinds have started levying the GST charges even before being registered under it, which certainly results the customers paying the extra money in the name of taxes. This is a very crucial issue for a customer as how to verify whether the tax being paid is going for its ultimate purpose or not. But fortunately you have come up to this article where we are going to help you verify the credibility of the business firm in few simple ways.

  1. Just look up for the GST number printed over the bill or invoice generated.                                                                                  GSTIN
  2., this link can be used to the check authenticity in few seconds of the GST number printed.                                                                                                                                                                                          GST Portal
  3. The rates for GST are 12% for non-AC restaurants, roadside eateries with no alcohol services, local delivery restaurants and 18% for restaurants with full AC (with or without alcohol services), non-AC eateries serving alcohol.                                                                                                                                                                                                       GST Rates
  4. If you happen to find any misplay by the business the complaints can be directly made to



Being a citizen it is not just necessary for us to stay aware about the basic reforms rather it is our duty as well towards the nation. Let’s see who all are paying off their duty to the nation.


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