Google Doodle Celebrated 147th Birthday of Hubert Cecil Booth


Google Doodle has honored English engineer Hubert Cecil Booth today on 4th July 2018, the inventor of the vacuum cleaner, on his 147th birthday. The animated doodle remembered the inventor for his inventions.

Google Doodle Celebrates 147th Birthday of Hubert Cecil Booth:

Hubert Cecil Booth was the inventor of the world first powered Vacuum Cleaners. Today Search Engine Google Celebrates Hubert Cecil Booth 147th Birthday. Hubert Cecil was an English engineer known for inventing one of the first powered Vacuum Cleaners. He also designs Ferris Wheel, Suspension Bridges, and Factories. Later he becomes the Chairman and Managing director of  Vacuum Cleaner and Engineering. Born on July 4th, 1871. He Finished the Diploma of Associateship (ACGI).

He was instructed at Gloucester College and Gloucester Country School under dean Reverend. In 1889 he entered the Central Technical College City and Guild, London in the wake of passing the selection test.

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He also finished a 3-year course in structural designing and mechanical building under professor William Cawthorne Unwine FRS. He was the companion of Hugh Pembroke Vowles.

Mr. Booth’s first petrol-powered, horse-drawn vacuum cleaner was very heavy and bulky to be brought into the building, but it was built on principles similar to today’s modern principles.

“After seeing a demonstration of the ‘pneumatic carpet renovator’ blowing dirt out of railway cars, Booth tried an experiment. Laying his handkerchief on a restaurant chair, he put his mouth on the tablecloth and sucked air through it. Inspired by the results he set to work on his first design—nicknamed ‘Puffing Billy‘—which was powered by an engine so big it had to be pulled around by horses and parked outside the house to be cleaned,” a Google release said.

He also designed engines for Royal Navy battleships and had projects in Austria, France, and England. But the Puffing Billy assured that his legacy would be carried long after his death. Mr. Booth Passed on 14 Jan 1955 in Croydon, England.



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