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10 Rarely Known Facts About Harley Davidson

Have you ever had a question, why Harley Davidson is so famous in the world today, or which was the first Harley Davidson bike? Today we will introduce you to some interesting  Harley Davidson Facts, which you will not know about.

Harley Davidson History

When we think of Harley Davidson first thing in our mind appears is a stylish hunky superbike with a powerful engine sound.

In 1901, a 21-year-old youth named William S. Harley designed a small engine with a flywheel. The engine was designed for use in a regular paddle-cycle frame.

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For the next two years, Harley and his childhood friend Arthur-Davidson’s brother, Walter Davidson, worked on this motor bicycles.

This work ended in 1903, after the completion, they found that this power-bicycle was unable to climb the ordinary hills of Milwaukee without paddling, so they stopped making this power bicycle.

Now Harley and Walter immediately start working on the new and improved machine. This first “real” Harley-Davidson motorcycle had a larger engine, with the machine’s loop-frame pattern similar to the 1903 Milwaukee Merkel motorcycle.

Due to the large engine and loop-frame design, it fell out of the motor-bicycle category and it’s become a modern motorcycle in the coming years.

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After six years in 1909, Harley brought his new model. Now he introduced the first V-twin powered bike.

By 1920, he became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles on earth. In the mid-1930s he began to paint eagle designs on the tanks of all his products.

Now just take a look at these Harley Davidson Facts which is rarely known by someone.

Harley Davidson Facts

1. Started bike making in 1916

Although Harley Davidson started in 1903, it actually started making bikes in 1916. William S. Harley made a 116 cc engine bike with a 4-inch flywheel.

first harley davidson
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2. Harley bikes were used in World War I

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When America joined World War I in 1917, the government there bought one-third of Harley Davidson bikes. After the ceasefire was over, the first US Army entered Germany, riding a Harley bike. After 1920 the Harley brand went to 67 countries in the world and became the largest bike brand in the world.

3. After World War II

The new use of Harley motorcycles began after World War II. Harley bike named Sportstar came in the 1950s. This gave Harley a new status. It was the world’s first superbike.

4.First racing Superbike

Harley built his first racing superbike, the VR-1000. In early 2000, the company started selling FXSTD Softline Deuce.

First racing Superbike
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5. Harley Davidson Merchandise

Harley Davidson also sells merchandise products under its brand including apparel, home decor, and ornaments, accessories, toys, bike skull figures, and video games based on bike lines, etc.

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6. A large Number of Employees

The company employs more than 6000 employees.

7. Bike’s Engine Sound

The sound that this bike’s engine makes is also patented.

8. Harley’s Most Expensive and Cheapest Bike

  • Harley Davidson Comic Starship – Starting at around 91.71 million
Source: autoevolution
  • Harley Davidson Street 750 – Starting from around 5 lakh 10 thousand
Source: Overdrive

9. Made Twin-Cylinder Engine for Army

Harley built his boxer style twin-cylinder engine on the demand of the US Army. Let us tell you that Harley Davidson made bikes only for the American Army from 1941 to 45 during the Second World War. During this time the company made around 90000 bikes.

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10. The Carburetor of First Harley Davidson was made up of Tomato Can

We all know that the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle had a single-cylinder engine. Its top speed was 25 mph and used a tomato can for a carburetor.

What do people like in Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson fans see the magic in this sound of this bike. This sound is a syncopated sound which is a result of the V shape design of the engine. The Harley engine gives a “pop pop, stop pop pop stop” sound.

How many Models does Harley have?

Harley Davidson has been coming in 90 models in eight different categories.

If you are really a true fan of Harley Davidson then these are some rarely known facts about Harley Davidson you should know.

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