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Shocking Secrets of Some Hollywood Movies

As much the Hollywood Movies Secrets hold the story in its frames, way more than that it holds behind all those scenes. And here we have brought you the 13 most appalling Hollywood movies secrets. Hold your breaths cause a few of them are gonna blow the shit outta your head.

Shocking 13 Hollywood Movies Secrets:

1. The Poltergeist Curse – Poltergeist

The Steven Spielberg classic horror Poltergeist was earlier rumored to have used real skeleton in one of the movie scenes which later picked on an even more terrifying course of events leading to call it “The Poltergeist Curse”. The tragic deaths of actor Heather O’Rourke, Julian Beck, Will Sampson and the actress Dominique Dunne, for some while making and for few soon after the release of movie keyed out this whole curse story and tied it with the film franchise.

Poltergeist movie real skeleton scene

2. The quickest take in history – Poltergeist

In one direful scene where the character Diane turns off the table; just in that duration of the camera being off that angle, the amazing crew members replaced the chairs with already stacked clumps of chairs making it possible to flawlessly execute the scene without giving it a cut.

3. 100 costumes in 52 days shoot – Catch Me If You Can

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It took only 52 days at more than 140 locations to shoot the movie but what’s even more staggering is that in just 52 days DiCaprio had to wear more than 100 clothes which earlier was expected to be way less by the costume designer Mary Zophres.

4. DiCaprio Denying Spielberg’s call – Catch Me If You Can

Spielberg advised DiCaprio to not meet the real inspiration for the lead character Frank Abagnale in person before the movie. However, DiCaprio eventually did not follow and met Frank Abagnale secretly and in fact, even spent almost 2-3 days along with a tape recorder.

Hollywood Movies
DiCaprio met Frank Abagnale

5. When the creativity asked for rotating the sets – Inception

To meet the effect for the Zero Gravity Hallway fight scene they literally built a huge set in a London airplane hangar which had a horizontal hallway, to the angle of rotating 360 degrees all the way. And a total of 500 crew members and three weeks of time took it all to make it possible.  

6. 10 years for a climax, Whaaat???? – Inception

Apparently, the climax of the movie inception took almost 10 years to come up in the mind of the genius, ironically that too in a dream. That is some secret for sure.

7. A dream or a movie??? – Inception

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The totem which cob spins at the end, there was something much more to it cause if it did not fall that certainly implies the movie as a dream.

 Now if we look at the movie as a dream Christopher brilliantly made the movie of length 2 hours and 28 minutes for a reason. The kick song of Edith Piaf had its duration of 2 minutes 28 seconds which implies the song was played to wake everybody up after 2 minutes and 28 seconds which is 2 hours and 28 minutes in the dream.

8. 800 Tera-fu**ing-bytes of data – Interstellar

The Double Negative CG Supervisor Eugenie von Tunzelmann said, “I thought we might cross the petabyte threshold on this one. We had to write a completely new rendered.” Due to the distortion caused by some Einsteinium effect the rendering computations turned too large on the count that it forced the team to develop a new rendering technology.

Hollywood Movies
Interstellar renderer took terabytes

9. Imagine Interstellar without using Green Screens, it was without them by the way – Interstellar

All the background scenes were already created by a graphic designing company and were played on the screen outside the physical spaceship created. Hence the actors were not looking at green screens rather at the VFX scenes playing outside on a big screen making it way easier for them to experience.

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Hats off Christopher for this groundbreaking move.

10. A language just for a movie, Passion level: Insane – Avatar

Paul R. Frommer from USC was tasked by James Cameron to create a whole new language which won’t resemble near to any existing human language and is easy to learn for the actors. The language developed, had 1000 words and Cameron added about 30 words from his personal side.

11. Audience in the movie, a hell of an involvement – The Truman Show

While the screenings, nothing can be better than showing the audience real-time in the movie itself, to have some immense impact of the involvement of audience that too in a movie like “The Truman Show”(YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU HAVE WATCHED IT.). For that to happen, all the screenings places were told to cut off the movie and show the recordings of the respective audiences at each screening theatre being recorded by a camera placed secretly at the respective theatres and then suddenly cut back to the movie. That is some insane level of an idea to let the audience be a part of a movie.

12. Jim-The Angry-Carry – Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Minds

Jim literally got so angry that he is really broke and destroyed all the records and tapes in one scene.

13. Released Twice – I Spit On Your Grave

The movie first got its release in 1978 with the name “Day of the Woman”. And guess what? It flopped. In 1981, it got its second release with the title “I Spit On Your Grave” inspired by a French Drama, and received huge publicity.

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