Homosepians: The greatest Hypocrites:

(Homosepians ) Stevie Cutts, a freelancer animator and she creates animation on the current situations and the future of society by the way it goes. This video being shared on our page is more or less like many other videos being shared over the internet describing the cause and effects of modern age society and might be possible that this too will be ignored by most of the majority having an excuse of being busy in the race of extorting wealth and comfort off this planet and from the fellow humans. But I believe there are few who do realize what it means to be human, what responsibilities and the obligations we owe to the coming generations, the fellow humans and especially to The Earth. This one is for them, to share this value of human. Let’s take a look first at the video…..

Now after watching this video I would not add any words as the “picture says it all” but one thing I would rather simplify here is showing this video and realizing can be just one little aspect of this page and article but above that I request all to come up with something within yourself and in your daily lifestyle which helps it to slow down. And share it as much as your inner self asks you to. Hope for a better tomorrow.


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