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How to grow your TikTok followers in 2022

Everyone wants to grow in Tiktok, especially if they want to get straight in. It is one of the platforms with the fastest growth for businesses because it provides enough views to reach a broader audience. Your material will receive a tonne of views, likes, and shares if you have a strong following, quickly expanding your audience. Well, there are sites that ask you to “buy TikTok followers” but they don’t guarantee you genuine ones.

The choice of whether you believe your business should be on the platform is ultimately yours and yours alone to decide. However, if you want to start using TikTok but don’t know how to increase your user base, then this method is for you.

Posts as much as you can

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To see how your content is being perceived, I would advise posting three to five videos daily. Look through your TikTok pages to see what motivates you to create videos. Avoid attempting to imitate others. Try to just watch the content that people are prepared to consume.

Try out some concepts. Write them in your notebook. It is definitely feasible. Simply calls for a little amount of brain energy and some hard work.  As this is a creative platform, one requires to keep tracking their creativity. Also, posting more in beginning will help you gain followers. 

Employ hashtags

There is a misconception that employing multiple hashtags will increase one’s following. But the opposite is true. Use a maximum of five hashtags, using both generic and specific hashtags. Check to see which hashtags have more posts or videos and use those! Let’s imagine you are creating a video for hip-hop dance. Use the hashtag #hiphopdance on your search bar to watch the engagement of millions of individuals. More people equals more traffic. Include this, then. It is possible to avoid having fewer postings in specific hashtags if they don’t have a good number of posts.

Increase the number of likes and comments 

More views and comments on your videos result from an increase in likes and comments, which suggests more people are interested in the type of material you are producing. In your TikTok videos, you can yourself be the first to like and comment. Commenting options include “follow me on TikTok,” etc. Also commenting in the form of questions is helpful. People have the opportunity to respond to questions if there are any in the comments. Therefore, this does improve interaction, and it also greatly helps to promote yourself on other platforms!

Add subtitles to your videos

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Videos with subtitles perform far better, as has been observed. adding captions still takes some effort, but believe me, it makes a significant difference.

Try several things with your videos to see what the viewers enjoy. You will be more focused and produce videos on a regular basis if you enjoy doing it. You must avoid being stale in a lane. Even when you concentrate on one subject, you may always alter and make a variety of different videos. As your fan base grows, they start to care more about you personally than just your content. One of the reasons TikTok is so well-liked is that videos make it simpler to convey a particular message to a specific target group than wordy captions.

Create an attractive username

You can use that in your name if you have a speciality, like dance. It will assist folks in dividing up their chocolate. The audience who loves your content will follow you without a doubt if they detect “dance” in it. So give it a shot.

Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration with other creators is one of the main reasons influencers with larger followings have more followers. You can also! Working together enables you to expand by directing visitors from the pages of other creators to yours. Consider working together to help you with your content strategy and to help you push yourself. By collaborating on videos with other TikTok makers, you can increase your audience by double. These videos are successful because they include a surprise aspect that your followers weren’t prepared for. Make a space just for you. a space for imagination. Therefore, working together is a milestone!


Therefore, it is clear that the more followers you have, the more likely it is that other people would like you and add you to the For You Page (FYP) section, where there are even more views. You may check what is popular and trending to increase your TikTok following in a similar manner. Make sure to adopt a new trend as soon as you notice it. However, that does not imply that you blindly adopt every new fashion. Choose the ones that might interest your target audience instead. Create connections with their audience, and you will gradually start to increase your TikTok following.


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