Are we really Human? Or a question mark on Humanity?



Humanity falls to its extreme downfall when it looks over the greed in pursuit of happinessHumanity unites all the humans with love without judging them over superficial differences. The limitless applications of the human mind have created vast differences between humans.

We can see the world divided by walls, racism, violence, religions, and social inequality. We are so busy in proving our self, we create a false illusion that our tribe is best, our civilization is best. We see the world from a peephole called the social media, it becomes the voice of hopelessness, fear, and judgment. We create peers on the basis of our social status. We have found countless ways to divide our self but not even one to unite us. Human Greed is that quality of an individual which drives him/her to run for more than it is needed.

human Greed
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Humanity Lost In Human Greed :

All these groups seem to be fed up with each other and probably just because of thinking that they are misunderstood by the others. However, whenever a tragedy hits us hard, a hope of humanity rises to help those who are in desperate need irrespective of the fact of religion, social inequality, caste, creed, color. Suddenly the conversation shifted from hatred and division, to support and humanity. Nobody asks them their peer or what they belong to, they barely ask their name. In such a situation we see the pain in their eyes and help on their lips.

Human Greed
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Humanity has progressed immensely. We came from years of evolution and has gone through numerous trials and errors in our quest for better living. The human family has fought brutal wars and empires and millions of lives lost in the quest for a better way of living and ideology. I personally think our biggest failures have been: not looking after our planet, our environment, not protecting our human rights or the rights of others, allowing the government to dictate what we are & what we are not allowed to do.

People are running behind money and material, forgetting others and other aspects of life- like Love, kindness, and humanity.

Once Rabindranath said,

“Oh! God, you have sent ambassadors for many a time, and they have told people all the good words and said, have patience, love everyone and so on. But people have forgotten all those good words. The words of ambassadors of God, could not turn people towards positivity, they are human without humanity.”

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We created weapons, nuclear bombs, and chemical gases to protect our tribes from strangers to bring peace into the world. We are in the situation to predict that very soon humanity is going to be just a letter in the dictionary. 

Rapes, human trafficking, murders, molestation, child labor are very common now. It seems like nobody cares about anything. How can we turn into a monster? 

Human greed
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Humanity is in deep pain all we need to do is spread love and help among others forgetting about our false perceptions of people.

Now the question is, How do we change the world?”

To answer may be, “One act of kindness at a time”.


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