Indian Rihanna: Renee Kujur’s journey from flout to ‘Indian Rihanna’.


In a country, having various hearsay about dark complexion. ‘Renee Kujur’ @badgalrene made her name identical and irretrievable.

Renee Kujur’s biography is an inspiration for society, where dark complexion is deemed as a hedge for success. Her life started from a tiny village of Chhattisgarh. 23 years old model ‘Renee Kujur’ was born in ‘Pirai’ village of ‘Joshpur’ district – Chhattisgarh, India and was raised in a ‘Kurukh Adavasi’ (scheduled tribe) family. Renee’s family condition was not good too. Renee Kujur faced a lot of excoriation due to her skin tone that was dark during her childhood, Renee’s schoolmates and neighbours sed to call her ‘Kaali’ (black fairy) when she was a child.

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Renee took part in a dress competition during her school days, when she was three years old. This event of Renee Kujur’s life made an enduring efficacy on Kujur’s life.

When ‘Kujur’ grew up she joined a Tommy Hilfiger store as a salesperson, where she worked for months. As a salesperson, it was her duty to interact with a lot of people due to this advantage of the interaction with different people, ‘Kujur’ got noticed by people that ‘Kujur’ looked like the famous Barbadian singer ‘Rihanna’ and they told her that hey, you look like ‘Rihanna’. When Kujur got to know and felt this resemblance that she looks like ‘Rihanna’, Kujur made Rihanna her idol and thought to meet her one day in her life.

Due to this much attention, Renee Kujur realized her ability and embarked towards a journey to come up as a model. After this much of struggle, she came up as a model and now she works for a Delhi based company named ‘Satin Models India’. Renee Kujur is currently living in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. She has now become a famous social media personality, talking more about her career she has done bachelor degree and currently, she owes a net worth of approx 10 Lacs to 15 Lacs.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source : Instagram

Despite her dark skin complexion, she is being popular and gaining a lot of attention of people with her bold looks and beauty on different social media platforms.

In an interview, ‘Kujur’ told that doing the makeup of a good looking girl is easy but the actual dare is to do makeup for a non-good looking girl to make her look better. In India, people often have the conception of ‘Fair is fair and dark is useless’. ‘Indian Rihanna’ (Renee Kujur) proved this proverb wrong in every way by embarking her weakness into her strength. ‘Kujur’ came in more limelight when her friend posted a snap over social media by editing her picture with the famous singer ‘Rihanna’ in by which she got the name of ‘Indian Rihanna’. ‘Kujur’ is a big inspiration for those who think that their dark complexion act as a hedge and affects their image and it is a big lesson to them who think the dark complexion is cachexia.

‘Renee Kujur’ realized her ability and worked towards her dreams and came up as a glamorous model. Renee Kujur’s biography tells us a lot about how things work in life.


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