“Indian Women Cricket” – The victim of the deeply rooted gender slanted society


Indian Women Cricket

Indian Women Cricket – The victim of the deeply rooted gender slanted society:

For the record to mention, Indian Women Cricket Team has played 248 ODIs out of which they have won 136 matches. The total of only 33 Test matches has been played by our women cricket team and more or less shockingly they have won only 5.

Now when we are looking over the statistics one more point which needs to be underlined here is that same BCCI is controlling the Women’s Cricket Team since 2007 which so proudly promotes the wealth and sports strategies of the Men’s cricket team worldwide, the richest sports authority all over the world. Now to bring the reader to even more astonishment one fact here to share is that from 2007 to 2017 Women team has played only 84 ODIs and an ant-sized figure of 2 Test matches, where organizing matches for the players to have international exposure is the primary job of the board.

However the record preceding the decade, since BCCI came in role of control, Women’s Team played 99 ODIs and still a small number of 8 Test matches in 10 years of span but then the team was in control of Women’s Cricket Association Of India which certainly was not as prosperous in terms of financial wealth as the current board.

And there are many other facts which can all be shared down here to show the hypocrisy which has been in the managerial functioning of the BCCI; despite all such major pulldowns, the detrimental and diplomatic support we expect them to win over the best teams of the world.

And guess what? They do come with the majestic results in all the cricketing formats in last decade. Indian Women Cricket is holding the 1st position in ICC Women Test Rankings, 3rd in ODIs, 5th in T20 and 4th in ICC Women’s Championship and after all that what do we do, praise and sit back exactly like what we have been doing since ages.

On my request, if you can do one thing, acknowledge them as the fellow beings and not women anymore cause I feel that is where it all starts from.


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