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Invisible cameras ‘Behind Screen’ technology introduced into notchless smartphones

The next big surprise that technology brings forward is the Invisible cameras introduced into notch-less Smartphone technology in smartphones along with the notch-less screen. It’s just a year back, smartphones having notch screen was introduced to the market. It was to come up to the desires of people to have phones with a bigger screen. But with it a notch was a must thing – elsewhere would one place the camera?

Though admired, but not by many was this notch technology. But, getting better is the remark that technology often makes. After, having introduced under-display touch sensors, to meet the expectations of users and to let smartphones go smarter, invisible cameras are introduced under a transparent screen which the phone has.

The new design was first showcased by Oppo VP Brian Shen on Weibo

This invisible camera technology was brought forward by oppo, followed by Xiaomi. Even Samsung has made a remarkable contribution to building up the transparent screen technology. Smartphones apart, televisions with a transparent screen (QLED Display) was introduced by Samsung much prior to Oppo and Xiaomi. The reason why it takes all the credit.

But, how does the camera works?

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Doesn’t the screen placed above degrade the picture quality? Well, no!

If you’re still in doubt, let me tell you the screen is entirely TRANSPARENT. And the camera works as good as other sensors (infrared sensors, proximity sensors, light sensors, fingerprint sensor ) installed below the screen does. Yes, there would be a bit of difference as well.

See, what’s the basic need for a camera to furnish better quality pictures? Light, of course. Doesn’t the transparent screen let it in? The more transparent the screen is, the better the photograph users get. If taken for comparison, Xiaomi furnishes a much better and polished screen than oppo does. And that’s why the best thing about the phones is, a layman, just by looking at the screen would never know about the camera installed inside.

You can only see the camera when you opt for taking a picture. As soon as you click on the camera icon, the top portion of the screen gets black by reducing the size of the display and that’s when this futuristic camera opens. Once the photo has been taken and you exit from the camera screen, the display gets back to its previous form.

What are some cons of this invisible camera?

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If we talk about the cons, the screens aren’t one hundred percent transparent yet. You can’t click pictures with water droplets on your screen. As told earlier, there would be a bit of difference in the camera performance. The difference would rise only when photographs are being taken in low light. However, it’s promised the next models would minimize these mentioned cons.

Well, you must be wondering, why weren’t cameras introduced under the screen before?
Well, the answer to this is – the smartphones which we have doesn’t own a transparent screen. It’s either LCD or LED, which isn’t transparent at all. Thus, it doesn’t let light pass in. And what is a photograph with no light!

The excitement of this newly introduced technology tickles me within to know what more could be possible than this. I hope it does the same for you too. With it, bidding you adieu. Stay in touch with us, for more information regarding this futuristic feature.

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