This is How Indian Intelligence Scotched ISIS Plot To Attack New Delhi


The terror group ISIS’s plans to attack New Delhi were foiled as their private eye and the terrorist was arrested. He is an Afghan national and is the son of a rich businessman. The terrorist group was planning bombings at various points in New Delhi and the 20-something guy was to be the human bomb, as reported by The Indian Express last Wednesday. Though he was arrested in September last year, the details of the whole activity were shared only lately(they posted it last Wednesday) with The Indian Express.

Almost 2 years ago, the ‘assets’ of Indian agencies planted in Pakistan gave them the intel about ISIS terrorists getting training there. After that, they tapped many phone calls and encrypted messages whose sources and destinations were in Afghanistan, Delhi, and Dubai. In the process, they found details which made it evident that something big was being planned. Now, the information they found(which included a huge fund transfer) was enough to arrest the guy but they didn’t. Instead, they tasked one secret agent, a real-life Tiger, to befriend him. Apparently, they did so to dig out as much information from the terrorist as possible.

The Indian Agent Cut Through The ISIS Network

The secret agent made his way into the ISIS network becoming friends with the terrorist. He(the Afghani) had taken admission in an engineering college near Delhi. As the report suggests, the guy lived in an apartment in Lajpat Nagar and our Tiger himself helped in arranging the accommodation for him. Unaware of his dear friend being an Indian spy, he trustingly let him know about his plans. Later on, after he had finished the reconnaissance of his potential targets such as the Delhi Airport, Ansal Plaza mall, a Vasant Kunj mall as well as the South Extension market(which, obviously, are one of the most crowded areas in New Delhi), he demanded for the explosives which too were arranged by our R&AW agent. That further increased his trust in the latter. The trigger of explosives, however, was not provided to him.

The presence of explosives being the evidence of a terrorist activity, the suspected terrorist was arrested by sieging his house. After doing all the investigations the Indian agencies transported this guy to American officials in Afghanistan. It has been told that the recent success of the American army against the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan is because of the information provided by the ISIS module arrested by the Indians.


This was yet another operation which shows how sharp-witted and precise the special agents’ actions are. The piece you just read is about how an evil-minded conspirator was conspired against by some of India’s most elite servicemen. It is because of such super smart Tigers that we can roam safely anywhere and enjoy our movies, treats, and feasts. Their stories do look cool but their life is definitely not that easy. We at Trendook salute them and thank them for their efforts! Jai Hind!



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