Javed Akhtar’s farewell speech from parliament speaks the voice of “Real Muslim” in India

Javed Akhtar

The much renowned writer from the Hindi Film Industry Mr. Javed Akhtar on his farewell speech from parliament did tell apart the entire fundamentally eminent elements in the making and developing of The India. And when he emphasized the significance of the roots of constitution in the legit framework of India’s system, the caliber this country holds in the form of its youth populations, the many of excellent parliamentarians and the supplementary relation of secularism and democracy; none of it was for just the sake of the goodness of speech but it was the voice of a Real Muslim and a citizen concerned for his country. Instead it was bunch of facts so beautifully expressed that it had to leave an impact, and it did.

So when the alleged national leaders come out on self-funded campaigns to shout in fronts of self-paid crowd, they forget that the truth and the logic prevails all. Thus when a citizen of this country is asked to say a proud phrase, ”BHARAT MAATA KI JAI” or to condemn the horrific acts of “Supposed-GAU RAKSHAK”, calling it out might not create any huge difference but not doing so somewhere certainly calls into question the secular roots of this country. And as expressed by Mr. Javed Akhtar secularism and democracy will have to run hand-in-hand in a hugely diversified country like India.

Now quickly try to simplify the issue and conclude the solution; when some section of the country objects the saying of the proud phrase then it is very clear that either they don’t have true knowledge of the teachings of religion or they have been misguided by the alleged national leaders. And it is very necessary to have a lesson from here that calling “Bharat Maata Ki Jai” , “Vande Mataram” or “Inquilab Zindabad” never defined the ideologies of any particular religion, hence all these phrases has nothing to do with the religion. If you feel like saying it, its great and if you don’t then ask yourself a question, “Have the roots of this country’s citizen got so weak that the phrases which once lead India to freedom are now becoming the barrier in its development?”.

Any groundless act or statement urgently needs to be condemned in the strictest manner to save the roots of this nation, be it the futile discussions over calling out the proud phrases which in past has caused our country to stand united or be it the ruthless and barbarous killings of innocent people in the name of gau raksha.


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