Jio Phone,More than Rs.1500 of worth for sure, Unlimited 4G Data


On last Friday JIO Phone did come with something much more unexpected than what it has been doing since its launch almost a year ago. At the Annual Reliance AGM (Annual General Meeting), the company announced that it is about to launch the first smartphone made by Indians, in India and for the Indians.

Here we would tell you all that is necessary for you as a consumer to know about the phone, feature, price and the queries. Let’s start with the features of the phone.

Jio Phone,More than Rs.1500 of worth for sure, Unlimited 4G Data:


  1. The phone has some basic needed features like the general Featured Phones which were so much used as the overemphasized elements for the JioPhone. However, it all seemed justified when the price was disclosed. It has 4” QVGA display, SD Card Slots, Torchlight, FM, Headphones jack, microphone and speaker and supports 22 Indian languages.
  2. There are surely some additional features which seemed to work flawlessly as shown in the AGM presentation. JioPhone supports Voice commands for voice call making and messages, NFC (Near Fields Communications) for tap and go payments and also automatic software updates is there for the user to get updated with the features.
  3. Apart from the hardware features JioPhone users will be benefitted with Unlimited 4G Data with daily caps of 500mb at Rs.153 p.m.
  4. Calls and SMSs are free.
  5. 24 and Rs.54 recharge sachet will also be available with 2 and 7 days validity respectively.
  6. One important feature from the perspective of women safety has also been installed where the user can send an automatic message along with the location to the contact specified on the safety feature, on pressing the keypad button 5.
  7. All the Jio apps of music, JioTV etc are pre-installed and available for the users.
Jio Phone,More than Rs.1500 of worth for sure, Unlimited 4G Data
Jio Phone,More than Rs.1500 of worth for sure, Unlimited 4G Data

Pre-bookings will start from 24th of august and can be done from MyJio Apps or the Jio Online Store, for which the customers will have to pay Rs.1500 to head which will be refunded to the customers only after three years that too when the phone will be returned to the store.

The phones will be available to the users starting from September on the basis of First Come First Serve.

Now apart from all the details which have been told in the meeting there are certain features and hardware specification for which the JioPhone has not yet came with any clear statements. It is still in doubts whether the phone will hold the Hotspot feature. How much the battery life would be? Will it support any android or IOS apps and more importantly the processor specifications and builts have not been even disclosed. And as of now the watsapp is not supported, so for this JioPhone a big no from all Watsapp Addicts, otherwise it seems cool.


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