Kiki Challenge – Yet Another Unwary Conduct Of Internet

Kiki Challenge

Unless you live in a cave or doesn’t really use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the chances are that you are probably aware of the ‘Kiki Challenge’ which is going insanely viral from the past couple of days. The internet is flooding with the overly-enthusiastic beings who are taking this ‘Kiki Challenge’. In fact some very
renowned faces even couldn’t resist themselves from doing it.
As much as it sounds intriguing fun to some, it also has been proven as a curse to the few others.
There are also videos going viral of the people who accidentally got injured while trying to get along the moving vehicle or by the vehicles behind them. As the popularity of this challenge and the stupid stories of the ‘Kiki Challenge’ started getting popular, it was certainly supposed to draw the attention of authorities towards this, and that’s exactly what happened.
‘UP Police’ and ‘Delhi Police’ tweeted against the ‘Kiki Challenge’ and urged the public to keep the dance moves only to the dance floors and not to the roads, pretty radical statement from them by the way, and the individuals who would still not comply could face severe consequences. Well, some better should face few consequences.

As we have to understand the visible and obvious boundary between the entertainment, fun, and plain stupidity.


Kiki ChallengeKiki ChallengeKiki Challenge




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