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5 Best Ways to Kill the Lockdown Boredom and Be Productive

Bored during this lockdown? As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, most countries are putting their citizens on lockdown. According to some sources, more than a third of the planet’s population is under some form of restriction due to the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 cases. And if you are looking for ways to be productive during lockdown or if your brain keeps asking you how to be productive during the lockdown, then we are here to help. 

Now being in quarantine is a new and different experience for every individual, and each one of us is either enjoying or tolerating it in our own ways. For very few, quarantine is actually fun, but for most of us, we are trying really hard to keep ourselves sane while locked up and it is really messing up our brains. As much as it is important right now to stay at home to flatten the corona curve, it is also important to take care of our mental health, that can be done by engaging ourselves in some activities. 

Now, either you are one of those lucky people who are not lifting a pin during this quarantine time and is still enjoying being a floor sloth creeping around your house or you are someone who is finding it hard to keep your calm together and pulling your hair to do something to reduce that roaming-around-and-catching-up-with-people nostalgia, give a try to some of the below-given stuff and be entertained and productive (or maybe not) at the same time.

1. Explore yourself and let that self-love and confidence bloom

  • Make a YouTube channel or start an Instagram page: One of the most engaging and fun things you can do right now is to start your own YouTube channel or Instagram page. Are you a memer? Singer? Dancer? Cook? Artist? Speaker? Or whoever, stop shying away now, just enter the online world to showcase your talent and put that phone and social media to good use. The best-case scenario? You might become an internet sensation one day. *wink* 
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2. Let that creativity out

  • Container Gardening: Grab all the empty plastic containers around your house, throw in some dirt, and some seeds from your kitchen, then sit and see them grow for the rest of the lockdown. You might even get some good harvest, flowers, or at least micro-greens. Plus, you are re-using plastic, a win-win.

  • Experimental Cooking: maybe you love to cook, maybe you hate to cook, but one thing you will definitely enjoy is experimental cooking. Choose a recipe and cook it according to your own imagination, and if it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster then congratulations, you just invented a new dish. Maybe now you can write your own recipe book which at least your kids and grand-kids (if not the whole world) will look up to.

  • Learning a new language: want to say “corona corona go away, little Johnny wants to play” in four different languages? Then explore some good apps or YouTube channels that can help you do so. Learn some cool new words (or even sentences) from different languages around the world because there is no such thing as too much knowledge.
  • Doodling, sketching, painting, calligraphy: grab your colors, pencils and sheets and create some art, let that Picasso inside you come out.
  • Write Poem, story, novel, comic: If you are good with words or even if you are not, who cares, write it for yourself. Who knows one day it might even get published. You can also publish your thoughts, emotions, anonymous confessions being completely anonymous on platforms like Vigyaa Anonymous 

  • Personal diary: Accept it, we all at one point have owned or at least thought of keeping a personal diary. In this age of vlogs and blogs, ditch your gadgets for a few hours and start writing your diary. Or even better, you might create a photo album, digital or real, now that is your choice.

3. Invest in self-care and self-health

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  • Oil and Moisturize: This is time in our lives where we can’t complain of not getting ample me-time (of which we always dreamed of by the way), plus we are probably not getting another lockdown or quarantine ever again. So use this time to develop a habit to massage your heads and moisturize your bodies well, these basic under-rated things are going to help your hair and skin stay healthy in the long run.
  • Summer body and workout: Have you been craving for that fit and fab body all your life? Well, this is your time to get that summer body (plus so many health benefits) which you can flaunt (or not, your choice) once the lockdown ends. Plus a regular workout routine is the most important investment you can do for yourself.
  • Hair, Face, and Bodypack: Not able to get your hands on your beauty products? No problems, enter your kitchen, grab some natural stuff, make those herbal packs and masks, and treat yourself with a home spa right away.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Now that you have got time in your hands, you can actually start yoga and meditation and relax your mind and soul.

4. Hit your bucket list and empty it

  • Reading: When they say books are your best friends, they don’t lie. So read what was on your bucket list from ever. And if you are not a novel person, then grab a magazine, comic or even a newspaper. As they say, knowledge never hurts.

  • Series and movies of unexplored genres: for once ditch your favorite genre and watch the genres that you have never ever tried, who knows what new you might discover about that genre or yourself. Self-exploration is always good.

5. Cherish your personal relationships

  • Make a phone call: Open your contact list, check every contact, and talk to anyone or everyone. Haven’t heard from your fifth-grade friend in a while? Call and catch up. Or be more daring and try to text, call or even face time your crush, and maybe they say yes, who knows. Or even better, talk to the people you are living with.
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  • Chores: If you are living with your parents, make your mom and dad complain less by taking in your own handsome household work they are sure you can never do and complete it without destroying the house. Brownie points? Maybe now you become their favorite child, now make sure to shout it out to your sibling.
  • Indoor games: If you are in this lockdown, locked up with family or roommates, take a shot at board games, trump cards, or uno. This offline stuff is really under-rated and you will surely have the time of your life.

I hope these things will help you in this quarantine. Start doing something fun and say yes to Stay Home and Stay Safe. Also, do share this article so that your friends or loved ones can do some productive work.

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