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8 Life Skills to Develop for a Better Adult Life

Are we millennials sucking at adulting? If yes, why? If no, why? There is a common answer to both of these why(s) and that is “life-skills”. Low life skills will make your life feel like being pulled by a bullock cart, and high life skills can jetski your life through the cold water. Doesn’t matter if you are from the generation of baby boomers, Gen X, millennials or Gen Z, the one thing that is for sure going to make your life a bit easy is dependent upon the fact that how handy you are. So to help you being handy in your life, we have brought 8 really basic and important Life skills to learn.

What are skills? and more important question is what are life-skills?

Skills are like our own personal toolbox, and its instruments we use to tackle any situation or problem in our personal or professional life. As a matter of fact, it is more important than education. A person can survive without a mechanical graduate degree if he actually has the practical skills to repair a vehicle, but if he has a degree and doesn’t know how to tighten a screw, he surely is going in for some trouble and a lot of struggle.

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Apart from the professional importance of skills, they are the most important possession that we can have to aid our personal life as well. Sometimes we can polish our hobbies and they become a part of our skillset, but other times, we just have to learn a new skill that we had no interest in just to survive a little better in the world. Basically, a skill is a fruitful hobby or a technique or our ability or capacity to do a task. Acquiring or learning new skills will add to the toolbox of your life, and who doesn’t like a fully advanced toolbox?

8 Life Skills to Develop for a Better Adult Life

So here we are giving a list of life-skills that you can ace in for a better life altogether and they can become your new hobbies as well:

1. Self-defense Skills

Working late and traveling alone? The primary most important skill you can develop is to defend yourself when you can and to learn the maximum number of ways for keeping yourself safe. Join a self-defense class if possible or watch online tutorials at least, they will teach you basic and advanced techniques on how to avoid and escape dangerous situations and people. Apart from that, learn about technology, there are safety apps that can keep track of your whereabouts, and send your location to your family, friends, and police on one click.Self-defense Skills

2. The skill of having control of your mind

This one might take a long time to develop, a lot of effort and a huge amount of self-control, but in the end, it’s worth it. Imagine being able to think clearly in problematic times, taking quick efficient decisions and the ability to calm your brain down when a catastrophic situation is going on in your life. This ability will come with practice over time, practice to meditate, practice to negotiate with your brain, practice to be positive, and practice to tell your mind to be happy ultimately. Your brain and body will love you for this skill.The skill of having control of your mind

3. Minimalism

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The most underrated and most crucial and effective life skill you can live by is minimalism. As its name suggests, it’s a lifestyle where we minimize our requirements of materialistic things to the lowest possible without compromising on our needs, satisfaction, and happiness obviously. One simple example- having 7 outfits and 4 footwear to end all year rather than having 50 outfits and 25 footwear just to impress others (and then struggling on laundry days). Minimalistic living is one thing that can single-handedly solve the maximum problems of the human race. Reduced waste, reduced expenditure, reduced stress of impressing people and society, reduced overall efforts of living, and maximum peace.

4. Recycling and Reusing

By practicing these two skills, you will not only do good for yourself and your wallet but also for the environment and mother nature. Learn how you can recycle and reuse different waste materials around your house like paper, clothes, and most importantly plastic. Make recycled goods from reusable things, be crafty and creative if you want, that is another amazing skill to acquire.Recycling and Reusing

5. Primary First Aid and Surviving Skills

People living in places near wilds or other vulnerable places are taught these skills from childhood, doesn’t mean other people should not. We should all know basic first aid rules, what to do if a fire starts, what to do in earthquakes and floods, and other emergencies.Primary First Aid and Surviving Skills

6. Cooking (Healthy and Economic!!)

Millennials always complain about spending too much money, so the first step towards saving a lot of money is to start cooking. This is the one skill that can fulfill one of our basic needs in life among food, clothes, and shelter. We are living in 2020 and no matter what, there comes a point in our life when we have to reside away from our homes in order to have education, for a job, or any other reason. And cooking is the one skill that will come most handy when you are living on your own. If you like cooking, well and good, but if you don’t, then the best way to start learning is to start cooking what you like to eat the most.Cooking (Healthy and Economic!!)

7. Basic Household Work (Again Economic!!)

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Learn basic stitching, like sewing a button back if it’s broken or stitching a torn out frill. Learn about basic electricity safety rules so you can change your bulbs and tube lights and fix a minor cut in your refrigerator’s plug’s wire (but be smart enough not to touch the live wirings and switchboards without qualified supervision). If you own a cycle, fix the punctures yourself, and if you have a car then learn how to change a tyre. These things not only save your cash but can also save you from a sudden life crisis.

Basic Household Work

8. One Active Skill

It could be a form of dance, martial arts, yoga, or even something as usual as learning burpee and workout routines. They will keep you active, fit, and healthy. Plus you don’t have to join a gym, if you have an internet connection and some music, you are good to go. This way you cut on your gym expenses and still rock a healthy body.One Active Skill

There are different types of skills like soft skills or technical skills that are good for your resume, but the most happening and worthy skills you can learn are life skills. So be productive and be skillful. Keep reading and sharing.

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