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Lionel Messi – A Dazzling Football Star

The breathtaking goals, the impossible dribbles, the penalty kicks which have left us all open-mouthed! This amazing player has shown the world everything.

Lionel Messi – Captain of Argentina and one of the world’s legendary footballers clearly he doesn’t need any introduction. This veteran player has won almost all the trophies for the club in his career, but he has not been able to do anything as special for his country yet. In the football World Cup, which has started on June 14, Argentina has full expectations of this player.

As Argentina has already qualified for the knockout stage with Messi scoring his first goal in the tournament, will he be able to help get his country the FIFA World Cup this time? We don’t know for sure. But, let’s get a bit more informed about this amazing player and have a look at some of his most memorable feats too.

Those Early Days

Lionel Messi

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Born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario, Argentina, Lionel Messi had a passion for football from childhood. The financial condition of his family was not as good. His father used to work in a factory and his mother was a cleaner. But his zest for football today has made him such a big star, without being affected by any situation.

It is worth noting that Barcelona star Messi was a victim of dwarfism in his childhood. He was 11 years old when he got diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency(GHD) which is a medical condition in which the body does not produce as much growth hormone as required for its proper development.

He had to take injections of hormones needed for his body’s growth. At that time his economical condition was serious too. The treatment was expensive, so his local club pulled out as well. But Barcelona, his club for which he has done wonders, came forward to help.

When The Success Began

Only a few know this great player was once banned from playing because he was considered too small to play football. In 2000, when the 13-year-old Messi went to give a trial with his father, all the players made fun of him for his short height. Despite all odds, he gave the trial and after watching the ten-minute game, Barcelona decided to contract with Messi.

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Messi was treated using the money received from the contract. After this Messi never left Barcelona. Although speculations were made about him leaving Barcelona and joining some other club, he always stood by their side and wrote a golden story of success for the club.

He did not perform poorly in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups, but his standards were so high that he was started being compared to the great veterans. In 2006, 18-year-old Messi remained on the bench most of the time. After four years, he could not score any goals either. Both the times Germany defeated Argentina in the quarter-finals.

He kept on performing for his club. His popularity began to be discussed around the world with the successes of the club. People started counting him amongst the world’s best footballers. Not only this, people began to consider him as good as Maradona. Some even considered Messi better than him. Even though the last time Argentina had won the World Cup because of Maradona only, in 1986.

A Word On His Game

Credit: Artist Shubham Dogra

From as much as I have seen him, I can tell you he’s one amongst the most remarkable players ever to have played the game of football. As far as his technique is concerned, he seems to be the best in the world. In fact, ‘best’ is not the right word to describe the abilities of a player of his caliber. He has a class of his own!

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The way he takes control of the right from the first touch, which by the way is no easy feat as players have to take at least 1 to 2 more touches to have full control over the ball, is unimaginable.

So much detail one has to take care of if he has to handle the ball after it has been passed on by a player, that it seems to be impossible to be done in the first touch alone. But this man somehow manages to have all the information, like what would be the defenders’ next position, at what angle the ball is passed and precisely, what way the touch should be made to gain complete control over the ball instantly.

Once he has the ball, he starts his mischievous play until he is near the goal post. Normally, he is surrounded by defenders all the time, but he fools them with his phenomenal dribbling technique and swift twists and turns. He plays more with the minds of the players. It’s as if he knows where the opposition player’s next foot would be and he adjusts accordingly. A rapid turn and he’s gone. Out of sight. And the defender seems to be as clueless as everyone else.

Such is his mastery. He builds up the whole scene himself and vanishes from it like he was never there. Once he’s near the goal post that left leg of his hits the ball in such a way that initially it seems to be missing its target but swings its way back into the goal post, leaving the goalkeeper completely surprised and us all wonderstruck. A pure treat to watch.

When Lionel Talks Figures

– Record 5 times FIFA World Cup Best Footballer
– Record Five times European Golden Shoe
– 9 La Liga titles with Barcelona
– UEFA Champions League and six
– Kopa del ray titles
– The club has scored a total of 600 goals and many more to come…

Apart from all the achievements and applauds, he is very generous too. He has supported UNICEF’s work by giving them charity and also has helped in various other causes. In an interview he was once asked: does he consider himself the best in the world, to which he replied:

“I do not think there’s any football player in the world better than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Later in the interview, he continues:

“…Real madrid have scored 100+ goals per season since ronaldo has arrivedAAND it is no coincidence he has been their top goal scorer in all those seasons. I believe he deserves another ballon d’or.”

Now that’s a big statement made by Messi for a person whom all consider his biggest competitor. This displays how humble our dazzling star is. He might not have been able to perform according to his standards this time(hopes are still alive ☺)but still has been so phenomenal all his life that we think he definitely deserves a mention from us. We wish he keeps on amazing us.

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