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Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In India

Beautiful Places in India: The urge for seeking peace, union with nature, and exploring life can be met by only and only traveling; and the travel junkies would know it. Well, India is one vantage for that matter as here you won’t just get the monuments from the ages of Gods or the streets filled with colors and people from different creeds rather there are like hundreds of unheard and undiscovered places where the only thing that defines the beauty is the tranquility. Here we have brought you with 10 least heard but one of the calmest and beautiful places to visit for at least once in life.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in India 2020

1. Athirapally Fall – Kerala

Approximately 100 Kilometers from Kerala, this fall stands out like one of the scenes of heaven.ATHIRAPALLY FALL - KERALA

2. Chanshal Pass – Himachal Pradesh

Situated at the heights of almost 4000 meters. and 160 Kilometers from Shimla, this place indeed has the beauty of silence and nature’s true call of the union.CHANSHAL PASS - HIMANCHAL PRADESH

3. Parashar Lake – Himachal Pradesh

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The best time to visit this place is while the winters arrive. To reach here from Delhi, the first stop will be Mandi 430 Kilometres away, and from there it’s situated at a distance of 14 Kilometres.beauties of india

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4. Devprayag – Uttarakhand

The junction of the two holy rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi to meet out for the river Ganga, a place must to visit for those who wander in search for the beauty of nature’s art. 316 Kilometers from Delhi, however, can be reached easily from Rishikesh lowering the distance between the source and destination to 74 Kilometers.DEVPRAYAG - UTTARAKHAND

5. Lonar Lake – Pune

About 375 Kilometers from Pune, this place whispers the unicity of its existence.beauties of india

6. Harihareshwar – Pune

Again a spot near, 170 Kilometres to, Pune has everything sought by nature-lovers.HARIHARESHWAR - PUNE7. Hogenakkal Fall – Tamil Nadu

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180 Kilometres from the IT Hub of the country, Bangalore, this fall stands no less than any other nature-built fall. It’s a relief to the eyes of visitors with no doubt.

beauties of india

8. Lansdowne – Himachal Pradesh

When you are actually looking for a place to spend a few days in the lap of nature with no modern age buzz, visit this place. It’s at 250 Kilometres from Delhi.

beauties of india

9. Gada Gushaini – Himachal Pradesh

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Himachal never falls short to display the art of creator on the canvas of our planet. And yet again a place, located 210 Kilometres from Shimla, which has to offer not just the craft of the creator but you will experience a whole new world cause here the roots of union between the human and nature is in the air, completely.


10. Janjehli – Himachal Pradesh

The veil of the mountains comes up with its specialty in the corners of the state. A place not much visited located 62 Kilometers from Shimla has to be on the list.JANJEHLI - HIMANCHAL PRADESH

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