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10 Most Popular Street Food In India

Most Popular Street Food In India: The best thing about our world must be the food. And the best thing about being a human with pretty nice cooks and chefs around the world must be the thing that we can have so many different types of cuisines, delicacies, and dishes in general, unlike other living organisms that live their entire life eating the same kind of things. Whether it is carnivore animals eating only raw meat, herbivores eating only different types of green plants, or the greens eating the same sunlight and nutrients from the soil, each one is surviving on the same thing, daily. But we, the living beings with the most complex digestive systems and the most complex brain cells have come up with street foods. So here is the list of Top 10 Indian Street Food Items that will make you crave them.

Tangy, spicy, sweet, and sour, whatever you like, the streets can provide. If you are sad, hit the streets. If you are happy then hit the streets again because there you might find a stall of samosa or pani puri that will make your sadness go away and make you happiness multiply.

So to help you sort out your next binge eating with your bestie, we have brought this list of the lip-smacking tasty Top 10 Indian Street Food from the Desi Streets of India:

10 Most Popular Street Food In India

1. Pani Puri

street food in india (Pani Puri)
Pani Puri
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Pani puri is something which is a must to eat if you visit India. This street food is also known as puchka, gupchup, golgappa, and several other names around various places in India. This food is often eaten as light meals. This snack is very common in India and is widely loved by all people around the world. The stalls of pani puri can be found in every street in India. Panipuri contains a puri which is hollow and is in the shape of a ball and filled with the mash of potato, emli pani, different kinds of chutneys, chili powder, grams, onion, etc.

2. Bhelpuri

street food in india (Bhelpuri)
street food in india (Bhelpuri)

Bhelpuri is also one of the most popular street food in India. This snack was originated in India. This snack is available in every place in India and is considered as a side dish. . Bhelpuri is made up of bulge rice in which a lot of other things are mixed such as potatoes, different kinds of chutneys, chilly powder, various kinds of masalas. This snack has sweet, salty, spicy, every flavor is balanced in the correct proportion. Different kinds of bhelpuri are found in different places such as bhel sevpuri, Dahi bhelpuri, sev papdi chat, churmuri.

3. Papri Chaat

street food in india ( Papri Chaat )
Papri Chaat

In India different type of chaat is available but papri chaat can be classified as the most popular one. This chaat is made with crunch deep-fried wafers which is known as papri and upon which boiled grams are put along with boiled potatoes, yogurt, and imlii chutney. This food tastes very delicious and one can find sweet, crunch, spicy, sour, and tangy flavors in this one snack.

4. Samosa

street food in india (Samosa)
street food in india (Samosa)

Samosa is among the most popular street food in India which can be served as a snack or light meal. The word ‘samosa ‘ has the meaning of triangular pastry. This dish goes along with chutney. Samosas are triangular and made up of flour, filled with boiled potatoes mash, onions, peas, spices, chilies, etc. This whole thing is fried in oil till it attains the color of golden brown. It is eaten along with chutney such as tamarind chutney, mint, coriander or others. A samosa can be made in both ways either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Samosa are also know an Shingaras. In different places, samosa is made in different ways. In today’s time, people also make samosa stuffed with noodles.

5. Kachori

street food in india (Kachori)
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This is a snack that is spicy and deep-fried in oil. This snack was originated in India. This snack is also known by other names such as katchuri, kachauri. Kachori is small in size and is made up of flour and koong saal and dough filled with stuff which is made up of a lot of things. There is a huge variety of kachori such as in Delhi it is called ‘Khasta kachori which is mostly made up of coconut, sugar, potatoes. Kota kachori which was commonly found in Rajasthan is the most popular type of kachori.

6. Momos

street food in india (Momos)

Momos are widely loved in Nepal and can be found in every street and restaurant. Momos are a type of food which is made by mixing flour and water and stuffed along with that stuffed with some mixture and then steamed. Although momos are steamed but can also be fried. Usually, momos are served with some chutney or sauce. At different places, momos are served with different kinds of sauces. Momos are known by different names at different places as in Nepal momos are known as Mo/mah/mome/maniu/mame . Momos are most commonly found in East and South Asian countries

7. Aloo Chaat

street food in india (Aloo Chaat)
Aloo Chaat


Alo chaat is one of the most popular street food in India. Aloo chaat is made when the potatoes are deep-fried in oil and along with that some spices and chutneys are mixed. Aloo chaat can also be made from potatoes that are not fried and along with that some fruits, chutneys, and spices are added. This is a very versatile dish and is often eaten as a snack between meals.

8. Ghugni Chaat

street food in india (Ghugni Chaat)
Ghugni Chaat
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Ghugni chaat is one of the most common street food in and around the north and east parts of the country. Ghugni chaat is one of the healthiest snacks and can be made without any effort. Ghugni chaat is made up of dried peas which is a bulge in water for at least five to six hours followed by a paste which is made up of onion and tomato. This chaat is garnished with onions and chilly powder and along with that tamarind chutney on top. Ghugni Chaat is a light meal dish that can also be considered a nutritious food.

9. Chole Kulche

street food in india (Chole Kulche)
Chole Kulche

Chole kulche is an Indian snack. This dish was originated in Punjab. Chole khulchee is a combination of gram and bread. Chole is made up of chickpeas which are left in the water a day before making this dish. This chole is then boiled in low flame and has all the spices, chilies, vegetables added to it. Kulcha is made up of flour which is then turned into a dough and deep-fried in oil. This dish is widely loved by all the Indians and is a light meal for one who loves food.

10. Rolls

street food in india (Rolls)
street food in india (Rolls)

Panner Rolls are very popular in India. Rolls are of different kinds such as panner, chicken, egg, etc. This food is a great snack and can be eaten by all age groups. Rolls can be made with the leftover chappati which is stuffed with panner. This food is often taken by kids in their tiffin boxes. The stuffing of the rolls can be changed as per one’s choice. This food is quick, satisfying, and convenient.


Street food might seem like sin to the fitness freaks, but they too turn to street foods for their cheat meals. So do not shy away from devouring your favorite street food snack once in a while, just make sure to run a mile. Stay healthy and be happy.

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