The Unsung Hero Of 15th August 1947, The National Flag


Today is 15th August, Independence Day for our country. 72 years back on this day, we all know what happened. After years of struggle, brutal colonial oppression and massive destruction in all the possible ways in which a nation can be deteriorated, India finally got its full-freedom.No more I would offer here to over describe the legends of the past,  cause all much has been said and spread already.


But then what’s left? Something is; in fact have always been. Behind the curtains of the legends of freedom, it never got its deserved credit, yet is the most prominent reason for the freedom we bloat upon today. Maybe because it was not some living being. However, this way I am nowhere trying to discredit those humans of, incredible and impossible-to-believe strength and perseverance. I could never imagine with myself, what they suffered and that too with such unbelievable grace any human could ever possess. It was some other kind of beautiful character they held. It was Godly in its own nature.

But what I am saying is that alongside there was this silent fighter of all the storms which came its way. It was no-one, but this very national flag of ours which can be found on the streets and roads of this very nation just after a day of its Independence.

Two things here, I am not trying to idiotically personify a non-living being as the leader of the efforts for the freedom we attained, just for the reason of giving a strike of an art or any poetic sense to my writings. A national flag is a piece of cloth having a symbol imprinted on it which signifies the lives, culture, courage, and ideologies of community or a group. But why is it needed, why to have a flag, what role does it play in the community it belongs to?

Its a union, a self-made symbol of unity, it binds, it forces, it ignites, it gives the feeling of oneness. It makes you look at yourself. Well, it did this exact same thing the decades ago. Just that piece of cloth. It represented what we believed in. It was a mirror which showed millions of faces whenever you looked at it. It was needed because, the people were needed to be realised what they all, as one, could do. In the late 1920s, when the idea of having one final flag for the whole country came into the mind of Mahatma Gandhi, it was only to bind all of the countrymen to an image for themselves. An image to hold onto, an image to develop. Now unknowingly and very suddenly the whole country was running for one single aim of Poorna Swaraj (full-freedom) for the country. They saw each other in that flag, they saw each other’s pains and sufferings. And they did not just stand up for their freedom, they stood for pain and plights of others. The flag made them human indeed.

But now when you see that same national flag in the corners of the streets of the country, that too just after the day it held its real position, it puts us all in the state of doubt over ourselves. We have surely got disconnected and are not a unit as one anymore, well that is very apparent to me personally stating. See a flag is just a symbolical piece of cloth, but it is you who give this a meaning, a life in its own. And you do it when you realise your strength not as an individual but as one unit. Now, why is it so, that we are not one anymore? A true feeling for the flag has certainly not here anymore with us. Don’t we as a nation have some unified image to develop? Well, I feel this is the time, this now is a time for building that sense of nation, to leave our mark in the pages of history yet again with an image of unification. The reader of this article is my nation, each one of you is  and I need a symbol of the union again for us to grow large on the graphs of unification.


Let us pledge not to throw our national flag this Independence Day, and to pick up if we see. And just then, in that moment of efforts-for-us, you will be one again.



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