Padmaavat – Movie Review | Did the content match the hype?

Padmaavat Movie Review

Padmaavat – Movie Review | Did the content match the hype?

Padmaavat Movie Review – Amidst all the chaos, hype and opposition, based on several moral and historical grounds, Padmaavat got released. Since last few months Padmaavat has been in the centre frame of all media that it should be ban. However, movie has got released and doing passably well from the financial aspects. But the amount of attention it gained before its release certainly raised the bars of expectations from the audiences as well. So let’s just check out what all did the movie carry on all the aspects of movie making, except the promotional angle as it already is so very apparent to the audience. So here we have this exclusive and certainly the most apt Padmaavat Movie Review.

Padmaavat Movie Review

Story Line and Script

To talk about it we would go onto the distinct attributes separately to analyse the movie as a whole. Hence, first we will look over the story line and script quality. Well the overall story revolves around the idea of showcasing the main characters, the aura of a particular period of history and the thickness of personas being portrayed from a specific point of view.

However, the story seemed quite slow and the character building turned out to be the major part of the story. In an around 2 and half hour of story the seventy percent of the show were all dedicated to character and scene building rather than the story building. In fact just in the last one hour the complete thickness of the main aspects were established which also took a little time to form its rigid structure eventually.

Hence, gradually the prominence of the story unfolded in last one hour and only the last half hour of movie keeps you on the seat waiting for the end. Apart from that, the only thing which makes you stick to the seat was undoubtedly the barbarous portrayal of Allaudding Khilji by Ranveer Singh. Though, after a bit of time it too appears to be over layered by one intense act over another.

Padmaavat Movie Review

The script didn’t have too much for the other actors to portray something as of a solid mark over the screen but the balance of characters by other actors were made in a quite saturated manner and is also appreciable.

Direction and Cinematography

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is surely an artist in his own way as he knows how to get some period movie shot. If you would try to ignore the pace and the heaviness of the scenes and look at parts of direction and cinematography, you would surely find it beautiful and apparently moving into a certain period of time. However, it is not something too extraordinary which you can not find anywhere else but that would slightly disrespect the amount of hardwork and passion it takes to put up a period film on screen. Cinematography, doubtlessly added up a lot to the building of characters and scenes, that too very competently. And hence a round of applause to the efforts for scenic development is deserved by the team. The fight scenes at the very climax, the scene for “Jauhar” (the act of burning the selves by rajput women), the introductory scenes for Shahid and Deepika and few other scenes like Allauddin Khilji motivating their soldiers before the war truly are admirable as they to an extent binds the audience to the moment. Thus being a slow story line, if the movie pulls you in the scene, the credit must be given to the direction and cinematography.

Padmaavat Movie Review

Music and Dialogues

Surprisingly, the expectations for the background movie score and dialogues were not that awe-inspiring and impressive as to stun the audience as it was expected. If you exclude the songs in the movie you will barely find some heavy and strong background score in fact throughout the movie the music to add up to the scenes is missing somewhere.

Dialogues were also not in even a suffice expected amount to catch in your ears to the screen. There are only very few instances where you can see the art of dialogue writing. Apart from some specific scenes audience won’t be getting much from this section.

Final Review Statement

Padmaavat Movie Review - "The movie indeed got effected by the pre-release hype due to whatever reasons, but apart from few well crafted part of the movie there is not too much to draw in the audience. Handful of dialogues, perfectly balanced acting, slow script flow, lesser music impact, moderately fine work of craft considering a period movie and easy going story line precisely would sum up the Padmaavat movie review."


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