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Who is the girl on the cover of the Parle G biscuit packets?

Parle G girl Mystery – We have been eating Parle G biscuits since our childhood. Actually, not only us but our parents have also grown up eating the same! A lot changed over time but Parle-G biscuit remained the world’s most famous biscuit.

Although Parle had then brought several products in the market, however, it did not make any changes to the original Parle-G taste. Today I am going to discuss with you what is the real identity of the Parle-G girl who is featured on the biscuit’s packets for decades.

parle-g biscuit packet with the famous little girl's photo

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2011, it is the best-selling biscuit in the world. Many of them must have wondered who this little girl is? For so many years we have seen her on the packet so the more important question now becomes what age she is now? Is she alive? If so, where does she live and what she is doing? But we finish the biscuits and move forward. I will clear all your doubts today in this article.

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Parle G girl Story 

There is a lot of controversy about the girl child appearing on the cover of this biscuit. The names of three women have been claimed for this photo girl. Let’s talk about this controversy in detail. For that, it’s necessary that we know something about the Parle company.

In 1929, a Chauhan family living in Ville Parle, Mumbai, started a company named Parle. In the year 1939, Parle started selling biscuits in India. Until 1980, it came in the name of ‘Parle Gluco’ biscuits. Later, its name was changed to ‘Parle-G’. For a long time, the letter G was known to be short for glucose but after some time the company marketed the biscuit with the tagline – Parle-G… G maane genius(G means genius). The photo that appeared on the cover also changed.

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The biscuit packet color is white and yellow from the beginning. But there has been a lot of debate over the girl child appearing on it. Three women named Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy (wife of IT industrialist Narayan Murthy), and Gunjan Gandania, have been claimed to be this girl child. But in the media, Neeru Deshpande is considered to be the child.

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The story behind Niru’s photo is that when she was four and a half years old, his father had taken this photo. He was not a professional photographer, but everyone liked the photo. In these same rounds, this photo was taken by someone who had good connections with the Parle at that time.

This way, they got an opportunity to feature her on Parle’s packet. Neeru, however, has now become a 62-year-old woman. A Google search for the term “parle g girl” shows Neeru Deshpandey as a result.

Google search results for the term parle g girl

Turns out Google too is confused, eh? No. It simply is showing what another person has posted on Quora about the girl. Although, his complete answer is what people should read, not just this small snippet picked up by Google’s algorithm (another example of why we should not be dependent on Google for every information).

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And later on, Parle-G’s Wikipedia page too had a piece of information that claimed the name of the girl is ‘Gunjan Gundaniya’. Claiming that the Parle-G girl on the wrapper is not real.

So what’s the truth?

Mayank Shah, product manager of Parle, beyond all of these rumors and says that this is not a picture of any real person but just an illustration. In the ’60s, an artist named Maganlal Dahiya made it.

So we conclude that all the rumors were cooked up by the people on social media platforms. But after the confirmation of Mayank Shah, all of it was over for the rumor-mongers! Now I think I was able to clear all the confusion about this Parle-G girl’s photo.

Who is the baby girl on the cover of the Parle-G biscuit packets?

I hope you like this article. If so please share with your friends and family and let them know the reality about this as well.

Claim: Parle-G girl Neeru Deshpande is now 65 years old.
Claimed by: Facebook page The Pagla Engineer

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