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10 Pet Friendly Houseplants You Can Grow Without Worry

Pet Friendly Houseplants: There are some families who would love to be called as pet parents. Then there are some people who would call themselves as plant parents. But there are some families who would call themselves as pet parents as well as plant moms. Isn’t this a great feeling to serve our nature and these poor souls like your children? God has blessed us with abundant of nature and these lovely creatures who are dependent on us – then why not take care of them.

We all love the look houseplants give in our home, however numerous species can be poisonous to your “Fuzzy Friends.” Pets are basically unusual, and no one can tell when they could get an unexpected desire to chomp on a leaf or two of your darling houseplants. Fortunately, there are a lot of houseplants that are totally protected and non-toxic indoor plants to your pets. Notwithstanding, it is critical to take note of that it is ideal to keep all houseplants far off however much as could reasonably be expected basically to guarantee they stay sound, blissful, and undisturbed.

What’s superior to a home nursery? A home nursery that your companions can appreciate. Pet-friendly plants are likewise shocking options to your home stylistic layout and add to your stylistic layout remainder without settling on a place with pet-safe plants. Here is a list of 10 pet-friendly plants –

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10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants

1. Haworthia

Haworthia - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Haworthia – Pet Friendly Houseplants

A piece of the delicious family, Haworthia is a little, low-developing plant that has unmistakable studded white groups on its leaves. These plants really do well in splendid light and in damp circumstances with a lot of soil seepage. Its shape and size looks like aloe, yet dissimilar to aloe, Haworthias are ok for felines and canines.

2. Boston Fern

Boston Fern - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Boston Fern – Pet Friendly Houseplants

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exalta bostoniensis) plants produce lavish fronds that look like fishbones that develop rapidly with barely any consideration. These plants incline toward a marginally moist climate pursuing them a superb decision for washrooms that get some backhanded daylight. Boston fern plants might look sensitive, yet they are very pet safe plants indoor. This pet-safe houseplant looks lovely when utilized as a hanging container plant or put on a plant stand as a solitary example.

3. The Palm

The Palm -  Pet Friendly Houseplants
The Palm – Pet Friendly Houseplants

The Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) plants can be a piece risky with their capacity to be pet-safe. Be that as it may, they are non-harmful houseplants. They are tall and rich and flourish in backhanded light-they can likewise deal with some shade. With incredible consideration, this plant can develop as many as eight feet tall! The motivation behind why we say this plant is risky on being pet-accommodating is explicitly a result of felines. Your catlike companions love to bite on this plant’s leaves, and despite the fact that it is totally non-harmful, assuming your feline eats an excessive amount of green matter off your plant’s leaves, they can upchuck.

4. Rattler Plant

Rattler Plant - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Rattler Plant – Pet Friendly Houseplants
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The tones, particularly formed leaves, and simple watering plan make the rattler plant (a.k.a. Calathea lancifola) an extraordinary expansion to a low-light lounge room. Could you at any point envision that out of control purple on the undersides of the leaves against your midcentury seat?

5. Calathea (Prayer) Plant

Calathea (Prayer) Plant - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Calathea (Prayer) Plant – Pet Friendly Houseplants

Prayer Plants (Calathea) are great for little spaces, for example, shelves and nightstands simply growing up to six to eight inches tall. Calathea plants come in various assortments with delightfully designed leaves that make certain to say something in your home. Something intriguing about this pet-accommodating houseplant is that its leaves twist up around evening time, which is the reason it was named the Prayer Plant.

6. Spider Plant

Spider Plant - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Spider Plant – Pet Friendly Houseplants

Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are known for being an “unkillable” houseplant due to the fact that they are so natural to deal with! This plant sprouts out spider like foliage and can at times create small white blossoms. This pet-safe houseplant is dry season lenient, favors well-depleting soil conditions, and flourishes best in brilliant, aberrant daylight. Their delicate green and white foliage mixes in with any home stylistic theme. Certain individuals love to pot their Spider plants in draping crates to watch their fronds spread outwards, however you are very free to keep it pruned and put on any surface in your home.

7. Air Plants

Air Plants - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Air Plants – Pet Friendly Houseplants

Air Plants (Tillandsia) make for brilliant pet-accommodating, low-upkeep houseplants since they don’t expect soil to develop. Most air plants stay more modest than one foot and flourish in brilliant, backhanded light with a speedy douse of water about one time per week. Air plants come in a wide range of varieties, shapes, sizes, and assortments making them enjoyable to put in packs or emphasize plants around your home. Despite the fact that Air Plants are harmless to pets, they are sufficiently little to be tempting to look.

8. Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Wandering Jew – Pet Friendly Houseplants
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Wandering Jew Plants (Tradescantia zebrina) have wonderfully hued purple, dull green, and pink leaves that are remarkably formed. Frequently filled in hanging pots, Wandering Jew plants will trail down as they develop and develop. This tropical plant is local to South and Central America and is non-poisonous to your caring pets.

9. Succulents

Succulents - Pet Friendly Houseplants
Succulents – Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Add a few pet-accommodating succulents, similar to this Haworthia, Echeveria, or a gathering of air plants, to your ledge and you’re brilliant.

10. African Violet

African Violet - Pet Friendly Houseplants
African Violet – Pet Friendly Houseplants

If you have open racking in your kitchen, these blossoms would be an extraordinary, brilliant expansion. (Simply ensure the plant isn’t close to a drafty floor vent or window.) With roundabout daylight, they will sprout perfectly.


The pet accommodating plants are our successes separated from low-light indoor plants, crawling and climbing plants, greeneries, fortunate plants, air refining plants, lovely foliage plants, low-upkeep plants, and a few blooming plants. The plants come in various sizes and are appropriate for little space cultivating with negligible consideration. Every one of our plants come in premium quality self-watering pots that decrease your cultivating pressure and save your plants from overwatering or underwatering.

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