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Port Checker Tool: How does it Work?

You’re probably not going to hack somebody’s data, right? Jokes apart. Most hackers use port checking or scanning technique to identify weak network security (open ports that give them the access to steal people’s data).

However, you might know that open ports are an essential element in defining smooth internet communication all around the globe.

At the same time, these open ports become a major risk factor, especially when the service on the open port is unpatched, misconfigured, and has reduced network security.

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Consequently, a port scan attack leads the criminals to get data (as they can easily check the communication status using open ports). This attack also confirms if an authority uses any specific security network.

On the contrary, running port scanning prevents malicious viruses and prevents hackers away from the devices and respective data.

Now let’s dive deep to find more about Port, Port Numbers, Port Scanning, and Port Checker Tool.

Port: A Short Recap

In simple words, the port is an endpoint of the communication between multiple devices over the computer networking. Based on the software and operating system, it is used to identify particular network services.

  • Port is also referred to as a process that leads a program from one operating system to another. For instance, Microsoft Windows program to Linux. 
  • In networking, a port works as a sequence of numbers that receives and sends information to a defined service (along with networking protocol).
  • Ports govern the host and specific service communication and differentiate various IP services. For instance, SMTP (mail service), FTP (file transfer service) HTTP (web service).

Port Numbers

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Ports are given specific and standardized numbers that are adopted throughout the network of devices. Similar to the IP address that ensures communication between devices, the port number enables communication by sending or receiving service packets on the devices.

Port Numbers gather specific information only. For instance, port 80 will receive all the HTTP messages, while port 22 will only carry SSH (Secure Shell) communication.

Examples of Port Numbers

  • Port 20 is used for FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Port 53 is used for DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Port 445 is used for SMB (Server Message Block)
  • Port 3389 is used for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • Port 110 is used for POP3 (Post Office Protocol, version 3


Port Scanning: Quick Rundown

Port scanning works in the same way as checking someone’s door to find if they are in the room or not. Consequently, the port scanning method checks the open ports. It also defines the open ports to receive data and send packets to host ports (with an analysis of responses to avoid vulnerabilities).

  • Port scanning depends on the host discovery (the identification of available hosts and mapping their IP addresses along with network scanning).
  • Port scanning help maintains security levels by finding the right host with relevant IP address and ports.
  • It can demonstrate the presence of a firewall (security measure between user and server).
  • After network scanning, port scanning ensures the indication of open ports over the network that can give access to threats.
  • Cybercriminals and IT authorities use port scanning to identify weak endpoints and check security measurements, respectively.
  • On-time port scanning can help authorities keep their networks safe from criminals and attackers.

Port Checker Tool: How does it Work?

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With the advancement in the current era, evaluating different software and technical things has been made easy. Subsequently, a port checker tool is a go-to software to find open ports.

Open the DNS checker page and follow the mentioned steps to check your ports.

  1. To scan your ports, enter your domain or IP Address.
  2. Choose the port type.
  3. Enter port numbers you want to check.
  4. Click the “Start” button.
  5. You’ll get the scanning report within a few seconds.

FAQs: Quick Solution to Your Queries

How can I test if a port is open?

You can instantly check if the ports you are scanning are open or not by using DNSChecker Port Checker. Visit the port checker page and enter the required values.

How do I check my ports?

You can check your device port by typing “Cmd” in the window search box and open the Command Prompt. Finally, type “netstat-a,” and a pop-up with your numbers will appear.

What is port 135 commonly used for?

Ports are used for various purposes; however, port 135 is an endpoint service for RPC (Remote Procedure Call). It commonly indicates other systems to find different services a device has on a specific port. Thus, giving access to the system in the communicating network.

What is Open Port Checker?

Open port checker is also a software program specifically designed to test your open ports or scan your server. It also identifies your IP Address and open ports on the networking connection.

Wrapping Up

We cannot deny the fact that ports are the demand of today’s world. And it’s a necessary integration in the devices to connect multiple forums and devices throughout the world.

However, your small negligence might cause serious issues. Therefore, click and check your ports and scan with Port Checker Tool to ensure secure internet connections.

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