Pro-Tips for sharing rooms for “Introverts”

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Tips For Sharing Rooms To Introverts :

Between the age span of 18-30 one may fall into a situation where he/she has to share his stay room with some unknown or known person. And to make this experience less strained and annoying, as it mostly turns out into, there are few major behavioral activities which can be worked out. Yet every situation is not same for all but if you are an introvert I believe the below mentioned ideas will be of major help if kept in head to depth.

Pro-Tips for sharing rooms for “Introverts”:

  1. Preserve your space from the beginning: The very often faced problem by introverts is of keeping their space in tact as organized in their head. To preserve that space and your mental calm you must show concern unhesitatingly for your space from the very beginning.
  2. Talk less but gently: Keep your cool while talking, being an introvert talking less is natural but if someone pushes you to participate much in any conversation better stay out of it and avoid long conversation by either keeping yourself busy or moving out of that space purposefully. However, talk gently even if it’s of no interest of you and avoid making it longer.
  3. Helping is good: Sharing a room with someone will ask for few basic situations where you will have to ask for help and never hesitate for that, also try to instill the idea of helping organically. Don’t think too much while asking or offering help, but never do it unasked.
  4. Prioritize your nature of organizing: From the very beginning always keep your stuffs organized at your defined places and request your room-mate to keep them at their places after using them straight away. And if any item is not meant t=for sharing never keep them in open for easy access of others as it will either call for an awkward, hesitant or unpleasant situation for you. Thus keep them at private spaces.
  5. Talk your mind and free it up: Whenever in discussion always talk out your mind in most possibly pleasant manner. Try and keep your mind in the discussion only while it’s happening and not after that. Exercise switching to small tasks and work to keep your head out of ineffective thoughts.
  6. Follow your routines, strictly at the beginning: If you lose your grip at beginning it will be extremely difficult to hold back later. So if you have a routine it is important to follow it stringently in the earlier days so that the message would not go for any possible external suspension. And this will give you the control over you routine.
  7. 3:10 Ratio: Getting involved in room-mate’s social circle out of social pressure might lead to millions of uneasy and comfortless situations in future. Thus do not involve much in the social circle of room-mate. For that to maintain in balanced manner hold the ratio of 3:10, where you are supposed to go out with the roomie’s social circle 3 out of 10 times.
  8. Compromise only at extremes: To retain your mental and your surrounding peace do not compromise with your schedules or planning unless it is any extreme situational call.
  9. Money is an issue: Very clearly, lending or borrowing money is must to avoid unless it is a genuine need.
  10. Call for integrity: If the room-mate is being disrespectful and insensitive towards your concerns and ways, discuss it out rightly and never postpone the discussion for future times. I repeat never postpone. Put forward all you view very gently and if it doesn’t work change the room.

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