A Rally For Rivers – An awareness to sustain the lives of life givers

River Depletion


A Rally For Rivers – An awareness to sustain the lives of life givers:

Some life threatening shocks before you read any further because sadly we humans always have needed some concerned benefit for ourselves, that too on an individual scale; before anything else, to understand the significance of an issue, for endorsing and standing for it.


We may not realize the value for them by now because the remaining percentage is also abundance for millions of people to survive for next 10 more years, may be. But what you may not imagine even is the degree of chaos, commotion and turbulence the society will have to suffer from after the complete depletion of even the half of rivers. In the world of today when the humans are most enriched in its timeline of technological development since stone-age and is stepping for the peak and beyond; still we don’t see any sign of goodness on large scale rather what dominates is the ruthless and series of insensible horrific incidents, provided that the resources we fight today for is in abundance. Now imagine when one of the most fundamental resources for the survival of every creature on this planet will go down to the level of defunctness, what this insane creature human would do for dominance; we would not like to even imagine the part of it let alone experiencing. But it is on its way and the only way now left to stop something fateful like that to happen is to just raise a voice in support, yes it’s that easy.

This whole idea behind “Rally For Rivers” campaign is initiated by a spiritual guru, Jaggi Vasudeva, who is also honoured with the country’s second highest civilian award Shri Padma Vibhushana. And the process for the implementation of a simple idea is cultivating 1 Km Forest on Government lands and 1 Km Fruit Trees on farm lands on the either side of every major river in The India through the help of showcasing the call of majority of the country in parliament on 2nd October, 2017. For every reforming change in a democratic country a political action is required and hence the prominence of a much needed call of an issue can only be showcased through call of majority to the government.


Simply dial 8000980009 for a missed call and your missed call will be registered as a vote for support, this vote will have more than a huge impact for representing an issue. So please visit the websites, read, share and support cause the generation next to you will be obliged for this single act of yours.Sadhguru Rally For Rivers QuoteSadhguru Rally For Rivers Quote1IMAGE CREDIT




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